A/C Filter Change and Non-Toxic Pest Control

The Handy Dan’s Plan To Get Your Home Ready for Spring

It’s April in New York City. Spring is here and your New York City home needs work. Of course The Handy Dan‘s plan to get your home ready for spring is a great one! The Handy Dan takes care of A/C Filter change and Non Toxic Pest Control. Springtime A/C filter change is important. Air Conditioner filters need to be cleaned or replaced. Your window air conditioners need to be put back in your windows. Pests need to be kept out of your home. Ants, roaches, mice and lots of other pests gained access to your home over the winter. Time to do Spring cleaning. However, no one wants to bring harsh, toxic chemicals into their home just to clean. Homeowners and renters all want a toxic free cleanup for sure. The Handy Dan has non-toxic cleaning ideas that you will absolutely love.

I’m the Handy Dan and I have loads of experience making your home a wonderful place to be after a long cold winter. I install window air conditioners, and can help keep those unwanted pests out of your home. It is always easier to prevent a pest infestation in the first place.

The Handy Dan installs AC window unit NYC

Change that dirty filter

The Handy Dan Replaces HVAC/A/C Filters

Dirt and debris in your air conditioner filter obstructs good air flow. Less air flow increases the workload of your cooling system. A cooling system that runs harder than necessary costs more money to operate. A dirty AC filter causes your unit to leak water, blow warm air, freeze up and fill your home with unwanted air particles. People living with dirty filters experience sinus problems, headaches and yucky cold symptoms. Pollen is everywhere in the Spring. It clings to your clothes, pets, windows and your air conditioner. Turning on your A/C unit in the Spring delivers a burst of pollen into your home. Mold blows into your home because it has grown on that dirty air conditioner. Here’s some new window air conditioner filters that definity make your home cleaner and healthier. Don’t forget that I change that filter for you.

Always use a highly rated air conditioner/furnace filter. This type of filter blocks nearly 100% of harmful microscopic air particles like dust mites, mold spores, coughs, sneezes,smog, smoke, viruses and bacteria. This Filtrete Filter is also great for removing larger particles like pollen, dust mites, lint, and pet dander. Don’t forget if you have pets in your home the pet hair makes your A/C filter dirtier quicker. With all this in mind, your cooling bills can be decreased by keeping that A/C filter clean. Replacing the filter regularly, also reduces unneeded wear and tear on your unit. More air flow makes your home much cooler quicker and for less money. It’s a win-win situation. I have helped lots of clients in the New York City area by installing window air conditioners and changing filters too.

Non-Toxic Pest Control is important like Springtime A/C Filter Change

Hey lots of us have a pest problem, but don’t want to use harsh, stinky, harmful chemicals in our homes. It’s a common complaint in NYC. We love living here, but want to have an ant, roach and rat free home. Those nasty rats carry all types of germs. Those nasty roaches and ants are a nightmare to get rid of. The key is PREVENTION! I have had lots of clients hire me to inspect their new New York City home before they actually move in. Yep, I will come and inspect your home for ways those terrible pests gain entry. Once I find those small usually unseen cracks and openings, I close them up. No more unwanted guests and roommates!

Non-toxic pest control ideas include steel wool, vinegar and cayenne pepper. Here’s a highly rated indoor pest control spray that kills all kinds of indoor pests. Of course this spray is safe for cats and dogs when used correctly. It is powered by plants and does a great job.

The Handy Dan will get your home ready for Spring

Cayenne Pepper/Cinnamon/Vinegar All Keep Pests Out!

Yep, cayenne pepper is a great spice to add yummy heat to your favorite recipes. But it’s true that ants, spiders and cockroaches are repelled by spicy hot cayenne pepper. Use gloves and sprinkle where you want to keep out pests. Be careful to keep it away from your kids and pets. This pepper also deters mice. It won’t kill the mice but it will make them stay away.

Another key point is one of our favorite spices, cinnamon will also help keep your home pest free. Moths, ants mosquitos don’t like cinnamon so add cinnamon sticks to cupboards and closets. Or sprinkle it anywhere you don’t want to see ants. Not only will you have less unwanted bugs, your home will smell great.

Buy some cedar blocks or chips and add to your home to repel fleas, spiders and silverfish. Likewise buy some Cream of Tartar in your grocery store spice aisle and sprinkle a line which ants won’t cross. Prevention in a safe non-toxic way for sure!

Another non-toxic powder that is less common but works great is Diatomaceous Earth. This great stuff is actually powder of the remains of fossilized diatoms or hard shelled algae. Of course it’s completely safe for humans and pets. It kills any bug with an exoskeleton like fleas, earwigs, cockroaches and stinkbugs. Be sure to buy “food-grade” type of diatomaceous earth.

Similarly, good old Vinegar is a wonderful household clear that also repels those creepy crawlies.

Handy Dan’s Springtime Inspection

All these types of cleaners and repellents are great, but don’t forget I help keep them out of your home in the first place. I inspect your home for cracks and holes where they can enter without your knowledge.

Contact me and set up a Springtime home inspection to get your home ready to be enjoyed. I am the highly rated, 2x insured, bonded, NYC Contractor. I enjoy helping my clients improve their homes in loads of ways. Yep that uninsured handyman might be cheaper, but what happens if there is an accident. Don’t add stress to your busy life, just contact me and sit back and enjoy!

Thanks so much!

Dan, The Handy Dan, NYC Handyman

Handy Dan Mug and Springtime A/C filter change