Dan Installs Smart Blinds

Wondering how smart blinds work? Lots of people are considering purchasing new blinds. So why not get the most for your money possible? Why not eventually save some money too? You’ve already got a smart phone that does so many tasks and makes your life easier. Smart blinds connect to your smart home or smartphone wirelessly. The controls communicate with a motor that opens and closes the blinds. The motor is driven by a power source, such as a solar panel, battery pack or a wall socket and your home’s electrical system. Sounds complicated? The Handy Dan installs smart blinds for you. Let Dan install the blinds and connect them correctly. When you give a command or set a program, the motor goes to work to open, close or shift the angle of the blinds.

The Handy Dan of NYC installs these wonderful blinds for his happy NYC clients. No mess, no stress with The Handy Dan cause he has loads of experience and great reviews. Not to mention he carries twice the recommended liability insurance. Now that’s what every person searching for a handyman must look for-insurance. Yes, because accidents happen and you must always be prepared. Sure that other handy man is cheaper, but really if there’s a problem, it will end up costing you so much more. Contact The Handy Dan and leave all your worries behind.

Use Free Sunlight

Why not use all this new technology and actually use free sunshine to regulate your homes temperature. Using a sensor to continually track the amount of sun coming into a room and the room’s temperature can prompt your smart blinds to raise or lower as needed. Let’s say it is winter and very cold in New York City. But the sun is shining so your blinds are up letting in that warm sunshine. Then again if it’s summer and so hot you have to stay inside your home then, the blinds would be down or tilted to keep the sun from adding more heat. Check out the Somfy’s Thermosunis sensor which automates the blinds to help control room temperature and in turn save on energy costs.

Save Money with Smart Blinds

Smart blinds save you money. These blinds help regulate the temperature in your home by blocking the sun at certain times of the day, or letting it in at other times. It cuts down on the amount of air conditioning or heating you need. Setting Smart blinds to an automated schedule is truly smart.

The Handy Dan installs blinds and shades

If you live in a climate that has you constantly raising and lowering your blinds to regulate your home’s temperature or to block out the sun, then smart blinds are a wise investment. The convenience of remotely activating them or scheduling their performance is well worth the added upfront cost. Sure you’ll spend a little more money upfront, but you’ll save money over time.

In fact, the average energy usage for heating and cooling is much lower in homes using smart blinds; about 871 watts per day. The same study found that people using manual blinds used 2573 watts per day. Just set your automated blinds and you too will save money. If you’re wondering if smart blinds are worth it, these savings alone tell you all you need to know.

Smart Blinds Add Security

Increase Home Security: When you program your shades and blinds into your smart assistant routines  while you are away from home, you fool burglars watching your house into thinking you are at home. We all love going on vacation but lots of us worry about a home break-in while we’re gone. With Smart Blinds, the burglar will just move to another property because yours looks lived in . Your blinds open and close just by programming the blinds remotely. Closing ground floor blinds hide valuables from sight, making your home less attractive as a break-in target. They’re key to keeping your smart home secure. Remember Dan installs smart blinds for you.

The Handy Dan installs custom blinds.

Smart Blinds Save Lives

As any parent knows, the lack of cords with motorized blinds is a major safety bonus. No worry about keeping them out of reach of your children. Hanging cords from blinds injure many children. Don’t let this happen to your children. Be proactive in making your home a safe place for everyone.

Fires happen and can cause great harm and damage. In addition, in a smart home, shades can also provide additional safety benefits. SmartWings shades connect to Nest’s Protect Smoke Alarm to automatically open them when a fire is detected inside. This allows emergency responders to see into the home. Yep, these shades assist the fire fighters in an emergency. For just a little extra money you make your family and home safer.

Turn Your Old Blinds into Smart Blinds

But you say you just brought new shades? Or you just love the shades you already have? No problems. The RYSE Smart Shade system uses your existing shades and makes them smart! The RYSE SmartShade converts the shades you already own into Smart Shades. You don’t have to give up style for functionality with some unattractive smart shades. Remember it’s your home and your choice. The RYSE company has given you the options you need. You choose the shades you love and RYSE and The Handy Dan does the rest. Dan will set up and install this Bluetooth wonder in your home. Same great smart shade technology and money saving options. Why wait? Lets get this job done. Just contact me here!

Meet The Handy Dan

Dan has loads of experience and enjoys helping his clients make their home a great place to be. Along with the fact that Dan has twice the required NY liability insurance, he is also licensed and bonded. Dan has hundreds of fantastic reviews that you can check out right here.

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