Why You Should Always Hire An Insured, Licensed, Bonded Handyperson!

Handy Dan of NYC and Family. The Team Handy Dan is insured, licensed, bonded NYC Contractor.

Always hire an insured, licensed, bonded handyperson. Team Handy Dan is a NYC licensed, bonded, insured Handy Team. We have great reviews and loads of experience too.

We all have a list of need- to- do’s that must be done to keep your home safe and lovely. Lots of Team Handy Dan clients are great DIYers for sure. But during the holidays we all get very busy with fun stuff like parties and shopping.

Leave that list on your kitchen counter and contact Team Handy Dan. Their experience and know how will quickly have the list completed for you. And of course there will be no added stress in case there is an accident in your home. Why? Because Team Handy Dan is of course insured. We carry twice the required liability insurance for New York City. His employees are covered by Workman’s Comp too. Dan is a fully licensed NY General Contractor will many years experience and great reviews.

Hire The Fully Insured Team Handy Dan!

But you ask why is it important to always hire an insured Handyman? An insured handyperson provides protection for the handyperson AND the homeowner or tenant. When the handyperson sustains and injury while working in your home, the insured handyperson’s insurance must cover any costs. More importantly, the insurance prevents the homeowner or tenant from assuming legal or financial responsibility.

When an inexperienced, uninsured handyman damages your home, you pay!! But the insured Team Handy Dan is fully insured and any damage is covered by his insurance. So no worries, no stress.

Get Proof of License and Insurance Before Hiring a Handyman

A handyperson tells you they have insurance. It is imperative that you see proof. Team Handy Dan supplies written proof of their insurance at any time. When a contracting company does not have workman’s compensation insurance and a contractor (or one of his/her employees) is injured on the job, the homeowner who hired them is responsible for the resulting monetary damages.

So lets sum up the main points. Hiring that cheaper handyman who is not insured makes you risk the following: The uninsured handyman damages your property so the homeowner or tenant is left with all the costs of needed repairs. Not to mention, homeowner insurance policies don’t cover costs of repairing damage done by an uninsured handyperson. Risk of Financial Costs: The homeowner is left with the legal fees and repairs when hiring an uninsured handyman. Legal Liability: Never forget that when someone gets hurt in your home, you are responsible for medical bills. This won’t happen to you because The Team Handy Dan is fully insured for your protection and his.

And last but not least, most property management companies and homeowner association have legal clauses prohibiting the use of an uninsured handyperson. This will only add more stress and litigation costs to an extremely stressful situation. Always hire an insured, licensed, bonded handyperson like Team Handy Dan.

Hiring Team Handy Dan is the fool proof way to never add stress or worries. We are insured, bonded and licensed. We are a NYC General Contractor who has loads of great reviews and experience.

Contact Team Handy Dan right here. We take pleasure helping our clients. Team Handy Dan is proud of all their finished work. We can’t wait to help you and your family with all your needs. Thanks so much.

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