Handy Dan Does Kitchen Upgrades

Is your kitchen getting old and in need of repairs and upgrades? The Handy Dan does kitchen upgrades. He’ll make those old noisy kitchen cabinets and drawers like new again. Dan changes that old ugly hardware. By changing those ugly knobs to beautiful new modern knobs it makes your kitchen shine. In other words, with just a little money, your kitchen will be a better place.

New Kitchen Islands – No Problem for Dan

Maybe you need storage and a bigger prep space. Dan quickly assembles that kitchen island, giving you storage and a great work space. This beautiful island has great reviews and will of course add needed prep space and storage. Dan will quickly assemble this sturdy island for you.

Let’s Talk Soft Close Kitchen Hardware

Kitchens cabinets that slam shut are easily fixed by the Handy Dan. Kitchen drawers that won’t close and are ready at any minute to fall out are also repaired by The Handy Dan. These soft-close cabinet hinges quiet down those old cabinets. No more slamming noises! These hinges are highly rated and recommended by The Handy Dan, who expertly installs them for you. Be sure to contact Dan before purchasing hinges to be use these are the type and size you need. Dan knows what type and size to buy because he has been in the handyman business a long time. It goes without saying that Dan has hundreds of great reviews that you can see here.

In addition for sure you have drawers that won’t open or get stuck or slam and make noise, right? The Handy Dan installs these drawer slides that take care of all those problems.

Let Handy Dan of NYC upgrade your kitchen for you.

Beautiful Kitchen Knobs

When money is an issue, consider replacing your kitchen cabinet knobs and handles. In other words, The Handy Dan makes kitchens look newer, more modern by replacing knobs and handles. Just look here to see beautiful kitchen cabinet handles and knobs. Always contact The Handy Dan first before your purchase to ensure you are buying the correct type of handle or knob for you kitchen. Knob and handles come in many different styles and types. From antique looking to sleek and modern, you’ll find the correct type that will update your old drab kitchen for sure.

Contact The Handy Dan and set up a time for him to come to your home and help you make your kitchen beautiful and fun to work in. Dan can help with lots of your handy needs. It goes without mention that Dan is a licensed NYC Contractor with twice the required liability insurance. Yep, you can find a cheaper handyperson, but don’t take a chance! Hiring The Handy Dan ensures you have no stress when an accidents happens.

Make a list of all the stuff in your home to be updated and repaired. Dan is there in no time. Thanks!

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