Office Furniture Assembly & Moves

Office furniture assembly and moves are a specialty of The Handy Dan of NYC and his Handy Team. The Handy Dan assembles office furniture. Dan and his team are qualified in office furniture assembly. New desks, chairs, shelves, meeting tables are quickly put together for you. And of course repairs all expertly done for you too. Whether your business is moving in or out of a commercial space, or just buying new office equipment and furniture Handy Dan is your best choice. The Handy Dan and Company is in the New York City. They service Manhattan, Brooklyn, Harlem, Midtown just to name a few areas. Here’s a great list to zip through which makes the decision process a breeze:

Handy Dan's Team Assemble Office Furniture and also take care of move ins and move outs

The Handy Dan & Team are Fully Insured, Bonded, Licensed

  1. Insurance: The Handy Dan is a fully insured, bonded, licensed, NYC Contractor. Dan carries twice the required liability insurance. Insurance gives peace of mind. When there is an accident, lawsuits follow. The Handy Dan and his expert team are insured so the decision is an easy one to make. Never hire an uninsured handyman. When you hire the cheaper uninsured handyperson you will lose money when an accident happens. Rest easy and contact The Handy Dan and check all their excellent reviews.
  2. Experience: The Handy Dan and his team have loads of experience with furniture assembly and moves. Just check his website right here. You will find blogs, tutorials and just pictures of his precious pups.
  3. Tools and Equipment. Of course Dan will have all the needed supplies and tools needed to make your move and assembly quickly with no delays.
  4. Cost? Just contact Dan right here and he will be glad to give you an estimate of the cost of the work you need done.
The Handy Dan is a fully licensed and insured NYC Contractor

Office Furniture Assembly Done Quickly and Safely

Office Furniture Assembly Done Right by the Handy Dan and his Expert T

Check out that nice new white desk in the picture above. The Handy Dan assembled this desk for a very happy client. His client had tried to assemble the desk but after many frustrating hours, gave up. The instruction booklet was many many pages. The hardware was confusing. Moreover, the client didn’t have the needed tools. But the Handy Dan and his team are prepared and bring all the needed tools and knowhow. Just contact Dan today and set up your move or assembly.

Yep, moving to a new office brings to light a host of problems that Dan will take care of. The Handy Dan will dissemble your existing office furniture and reassemble it in your new office. This makes the move so much quicker. And don’t worry if you have heavy items like appliances to move, cause that’s no problem either.

Repairs Done Too by The Handy Dan

General maintenance work: The Handy Dan team can perform basic repairs, such as wall damage and broken windows, and complete general maintenance work at your move in or move out also. It goes without saying that you always want to collect your security deposit after you move out. Dan makes this possible by leaving nothing broken or damages. You see The Handy Dan is a one stop shop for all your moving needs along with general repairs for your home or office.

Office Furniture Assembly & Moves

You will probably find other must do’s for The Handy Dan. Hanging wall art and decor is also a must for any move. The team will quickly and safely secure art and shelves to your new office walls. Smart appliance setup: Dan can help set up smart appliances, such as smart thermostats, video doorbells, and virtual assistants which all office need. This highly rated motion door chime is great for business. It’s a little more costly, but reviewers state that other cheap motion door bells were more frustrating and wasted lots of time. But the ERA Motion Door Chime worked great. Moreover, no worries about getting this door chime installed because The Handy Dan does the installation for you.

By hiring a handyman, you save time and money during the move. You will focus on other aspects of the relocation process. It’s important to find a company that specializes in commercial office moves and has experience handling the specific needs of your business

New Office Furniture Found Right Here

This complete office set up will please even the most demanding worker. The Bush L-Shaped Desk, Hutch, file drawer and bookcase does the job. This beautiful set comes in 6 different colors too. Employees do a better job when they have a great office space with load of storage. But wait, this office furniture must be assembled. No problem at all for the Handy Dan and his team. They will have this office furniture unboxed and assembled in no time. What you get is safe, reliable furniture that won’t fall apart. You get The Handy Dan Team who are bonded, insured and highly reviewed. No problems or worries. Dan can move all your office items and set them back up in your new office. He can make needed repairs and install your Smart devices too.

Great Office Chairs

The office furniture you picked out is great, but it doesn’t come with an office chair. Office chairs are very important to all employees. Having a comfortable office chair makes the day of the employee. Look at this beautiful, highly rated office chair right here! This fully adjustable mesh and stainless steel office chair has over 6,000 great reviews. The lumbar adjustability is a must. The breathable mesh adds to the comfort. Of course this chair is fully ergonomic too. In conclusion your employees will thank you for this amazing adjustable office chair.

Guest Office Chairs

Don’t forget you need office guest or reception chairs. Here’s a pair of sleek, black leather office chairs that can be used in offices or reception areas. Your clients will be comfortable and feel so welcome waiting in these classic leather chairs.

Here’s a beautiful modern coffee table to go with the leather chairs in your waiting reception area. It’s sleek and sure to impress. It comes in a few different sizes to fit your space perfectly. And it goes without saying that The Handy Dan Team will assemble all this furniture for you quickly.

Handy Dan does commercial office moves and assembles office furniture

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In conclusion The Handy Dan is your one stop shop for commercial office moves. Furniture disassembly and reassembly, repairs, transporting will all be arranged by The Handy Dan Team. Just contact Dan here to get your move and furniture assembly booked.

Remember we are here to help with all your handy needs.

The Handy Dan and Team