Update Kitchen Hardware


Updating Kitchen Hardware is A Cost-Effective Solution with The Handy Dan

Are you a landlord, renter or homeowner of an older property with an outdated kitchen? Or possibly your home was outfitted with all builder’s grade hardware? Are your kitchen cabinets in pretty good shape but just need to be updated? Well, the average cost of new kitchen cabinets according to Home Advisor by Angi range from $2,000 to $24,000 for a 10 x 10-foot kitchen.  WOW, that’s a lot of money.  Maybe there’s a better, more cost-effective solution to your problem. Just talk to me, The Handy Dan a New York City Handyman who has already helped other clients with this very problem.  I will complete a quick and easy hardware update. It will definitely make a wonderful difference in the style of your kitchen. But what is kitchen hardware? It’s the cabinet hinges, handles, knobs and pulls. Update kitchen hardware with The Handy Dan.

The Handy Dan to the Rescue

I’m The Handy Dan, a New York City all around Handyman. I have done this job for clients in just a few hours. You’ll be amazed how your kitchen can be transformed and updated at a faction of the cost of replacing the kitchen cabinets. By working with what you’ve got and choosing new hinges, pulls, handles and knobs, you’ll save a ton of money for sure! So, whether you’re working on a rental property or your new dream home, I can replace your kitchen hardware and leave you with a kitchen you’re proud of.  It will also be a kitchen that is easier to work in, quieter and overall looking great.

Update kitchen hardware with The Handy Dan Handyman

Don’t Worry, I Have All The Tools For The Job

DIY? Nope Don’t Do It!

If you’re a fantastic DIYer and think you can update kitchen hardware, just stop and consider the actual task at hand. You’ll need lots of tools and experience. A rough list of needed items: drill and bits, screwdriver, wood putty and knife, new hardware and screws.   I have the experience and over 100 five-star reviews.  You could spend hours finding hardware that exactly matches the size of your current hardware (which would be a time-consuming task) to avoid having to fill screw holes. Or just hire me, a professional New York City licensed Contractor.  I will remove the old hardware, fill in the holes and then install the new updated modern hardware for you.

No Stress Because I Am Insured!

 I also will not add any stress to your life because I am a licensed New York State Contractor who actually carries twice the required insurance.  Yep, don’t be fooled by those other low-ball job estimates.  Those other guys may be cheaper, but they have no insurance.  If there’s an accident there will be no worries if you hire me, The Handy Dan.  I will come to your home with a plan, tools and experience.  I’ll leave your place neat and clean and I’m sure you’ll be adding to my great reviews.  Ok, you say, just where do I start to get my kitchen updated and looking great?

The Plan to Update Kitchen Hardware

First figure out what type of hardware will make your kitchen look new and updated.

Some options: antique brass, wood finished, nickel finished, China finished, glass, polished brass, cooper, matt black, polished chrome.  In 2022 matt black, and polished chrome are popular. Click here to see beautiful, champagne bronze cabinet pulls. Check out the numerous sites such as Restoration Hardware, Waterworks, Ballard Designs, CB2, Crate & Barrel, Etsy, Pottery Barn, Rejuvenation, Signature Hardware, Amazon, Ikea, The Home Depot, Lowes and Wayfair. All these companies carry hardware that will improve the look and functionality of your kitchen. How about these round decorative pulls? Once you have your hardware, contact me, The Handy Dan and I will install your new hardware.  You’ll be amazed at the transformation.  Your kitchen will be updated and inviting.

Watch Out For Broken Kitchen Drawers and Cabinets!

Are your old kitchen drawers falling out, and hard to open and close? Or maybe those drawers close too fast and slam on your hands?  Do your kitchen cabinet doors slam and disturb your family with unwanted noise? All these problems can be taken care of too.  Many upscale kitchens now have soft close hinges.  I can put in new slow closing hinges to stop all the slamming noise.  I can repair your broken drawers to open and most importantly close slowly and quietly.  All this can be done while replacing cabinet hardware. So now we have a plan to replace the old worn out, grim filled, outdated hardware and while I am there, we’ll also repair drawers and add slow close hinges and drawer glides. Well, this sounds great.

Ok, New Kitchen Hardware, Done! Move on to Doors

But Oh No! Now My Kitchen Looks Great, But My Doors Need Updating Too! So, while you’re having me, The Handy Dan, update your kitchen with new hardware, why not update all your hardware?  Doorknobs and door hinges also can be updated. I will change that old worn-out doorknob with a new lever type door handle.  Or maybe you’ll like to go old school and change to a classy glass doorknob. These beautiful crystal glass knobs have antique brass plates also. 

Just like your clothes, shoes and furniture, you can have your own style reflected in your doorknobs and hardware.  Do you like barndoor style? Chrome, glass, brass or copper?  Maybe you would like to update to lever type knobs.  These newer and more common handles work great if you have small children. They are easier for little hands to grasp and turn.  And senior members of your household will probably find lever handles also easier to operate.

Some Doorknob Trivia

At one time, the doorknob was only common in wealthier households.  Most homes just had a door bolt on their doors.  It wasn’t until 1878 that we see the first documentation of the doorknob invention by Osbourn Dorsey.

Doorknobs come in many types for materials such as metal, glass, and porcelain.  It’s interesting to note that Brass is naturally antimicrobial. With doorknobs being a usually very germy item, it’s a good idea to chose Brass.  It will look nice, withstand constant use and also ward off those nasty germs.

Contact The Handy Dan for Great Results

Don’t replace or teardown.  Renew, rework, update, embellish and save your hard-earned money at the same time. I can come to you and make your creative, updating ideas come to life. Check out my reviews, contact me and let’s get creative.  Your kitchen and home hardware replacement starts here.  Contact me and we will set up a convenient time to begin your home hardware renovation project. Don’t forget that I have over 100 five-star reviews along with twice the required liability insurance. I am a fully licensed New York City Contractor who specializes in handyman projects for your home or rental property.