Handy Dan Specializes in Services for Seniors

Senior’s Enjoy Having a Trustworthy Handyman

Seniors love Handy Dan Why? Handy Dan Specializes in services for Seniors. After working hard for many years, Senior’s in the NYC area enjoy their retirement by hiring The Handy Dan and his amazing team.

Seniors Stay Independent & Age in Place in Their Own Home

Hiring a great trustworthy handyman like The Handy Dan and Team help Seniors remain independent in their own homes. Yes, Assisted Living facilities take care of maintenance but at a high cost of losing independence and a very high monthly fee. The Handy team will set up a regular schedule to keep Seniors safely in their homes. Checking smoke detectors, window and door locks, cleaning air conditioners and vent filters, keeping plumbing leak free. Just a small water leak causes damage and leads to higher utility costs. A smoke detector with old batteries is a disaster waiting to happen. Not to mention door and window locks that have become useless.

Let The Handy Dan keep you or your loved one safely in place in their own home. Contact The Handy Dan here and tell him you want your home or the home of your loved one inspected and kept in safe repair. Check! Done! No more worried about your loved one or yourself.

The Handy Family and pups

Be Safe in your Home with Grab Bars and Stair Rails

There’s an old saying: Better safe than sorry. Of course it applies to everyone. But as we all age, falls cause bones to break and loads of health problems follow. Let The Handy Dan install grab bars in your home. Bathrooms, porches, decks all will be made safer for Seniors with professionally installed grab bars. Getting in and out of the shower or tub with a grab bar makes all the difference to a Senior. This amazing bathroom grab bar has great reviews and helps with being steady at the toilet and shower or bath.

Handy Dan Specializes in Services for Seniors

Getting in and out of your home with safe handrails encourages Seniors to stay active and strong. Feeling isolated and alone is a slippery slope to more health problems. Interior stairwells like this, must have strong, slip proof hand rails which make navigating stairs safer. Or perhaps a chair lift to and upper floor is the answer to staying in your home and out of a nursing home.

Chair Lifts Help Lots of Seniors Age in Place

Sit down, buckle up and quickly you have gone from your first floor to your upper floor safely. Stair lifts make aging in place a great option. The Handy Dan and his team install this highly rated stair lift quickly in your home.

A Stair Lift helps Seniors age in place in their own home.

Always Hire an Insured, Bonded, Licensed Handyman

Never be fooled into hiring a cheap uninsured handyman. Sure cheaper up front, but when an accident happens it will cost you so much more. Never ever hire an uninsured handyman or Contractor to come into your home. Rest assured that The Handy Dan and his highly rated team and fully licensed and bonded and carry twice the required NYC liability insurance. Don’t add stress to your life, just contact the best insured, bonded, licensed Contractor -The Handy Dan. If someone does get hurt in your home then the law states you are responsible for all costs like hospital and doctor bills. With The Handy Dan that won’t happen because he is fully insured, experienced, licensed and bonded.

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The Handy Dan has Construction Management Certificate from Columbia

Contact and see The Handy Dan and Team great reviews here. And check out his YouTube videos which he loves to share.

The Handy Dan Family looks forward to hearing from you very soon. Let’s make homes safe for our Seniors one family at a time.