Handy Dan Recommends Gifts

Handy Dan Recommends Gifts for the Handyperson

Hello and welcome back to The Handy Dan & Company blog. In this blog, the Handy Dan recommends gifts for your home handyman or handywoman. With this in mind we do encourage everyone to try their hand at handywork. We know clients who rent or owns property has an ongoing “honey-do” list. In addition, owning property is a huge investment and that investment needs to be kept in great condition. Moreover, ignoring a small problem often turns into a major headache that cost a lot of money.

Talk to Dan and his Team about a set schedule to keep your property in tip-top condition. But also lots of DIYers love to tinker and stay busy and save money. So sure, experiment and find the home repair jobs you enjoy doing and then leave the rest to the Handy Dan Team. Contact The Handy Dan right here or just see all their fantastic reviews or read all our informative blogs.

Handy Loves Tools

Sure you’ve set your mind to fixing some small household problem yourself. Well that’s great, but you have no tools. Just keep reading and you’ll find a comprehensive gift list for the handyman or handywoman in your life (or even for yourself).

Keep in mind that power tools are a must for any handyperson. We like this DeWalt power tool set. Of course there are many great reviews from people who bought these tools. They make jobs quicker and easier. It’s a 10 tool cordless set with extra batteries and of course a charger. The Handyperson in your life can’t help but be thrilled to receive this highly rated set. Yep, over 4,000 four and a half star ratings. Be sure to add a jigsaw and drill bits and screws which complete the package for your handyperson. Handy says replacing your wired tools with cordless tools makes all job easier. Remember no wires or worry about where to plug in your tools. With two batteries and a charger you’re always ready to tackle any job.

DeWalt power tool set is a great gift for your home handyperson

Power tools are awesome, but don’t forget your basic household hand tools. For a great low price you will be an owner of a 325 home repair hand tools and a storage container to keep it all neat and organized. King Tool has made this set perfect for the home DIYer. Lots of great reviews agree. Most jobs tackled with these well made hand tools end in great results. The tool box makes toting the tools an easy option.

Pink Drill and Tool Set is a unique handyperson gift.

Colorful Pink Tools Make a Unique Gift

Pink tools set makes a beautiful gift for any handyperson

Hey Handy my handyperson would love to have a set of tools that are functional but also pretty to look at. Well how does pink tools sound? Good? Check these beauties for a stylish, colorful pink set of tools. A pink drill and pink accented bag comes with this set. Any one that wants color and functionality loves it. What a great gift for any holiday, birthday or Christmas. Your special DIYer deserves a special something for all the hard work they do around your home.

Handy Dan helps you choice the best gifts for any handyperson. Handy Dan recommends gifts for your handyperson

Tool Storage to stay Organized

Lots of New Yorkers have basements or storage areas or maybe just an extra room that make great storage options. Check out this Rhino Combo Universal Storage Kit. This storage system comes in many different sizes which fit the area you have. It’s made in American and holds a lot of weight. The Rhino company reports that this system can be installed by one person. But why burden yourself with assembly and installation when The Handy Dan and Team takes this job off your hands. Let Dan install this for you and you’ll have more free time for the fun DIY jobs you really love. Handy Dan recommends gifts for your handyperson.

Rhino combo storage kit meets your storage needs, Handy Dan recommends gifts for your handyperson

He-Shed She-Shed A Shed for Me-Handy Dan Recommends Gifts for your Handyperson

But Handy I don’t have anywhere to put tools and equipment. You say your home is small but you do have an outdoor space, patio or deck. Well that’s enough space to put a new storage shed. Sheds come in all sizes that start small and compact to large and spacious. Look here to see a small outdoor shed. This shed looks beautiful on your deck or patio. The finish resembles wood and gets great raves from friends and family. No ugly metal boxes on your property. This MC Combo Shed has a waterproof roof and removable shelves.

If you know you need more storage and have the room see this larger shed. This Keter Artisan 9×7 modern outdoor shed has a metal roof, drillable walls, shelves and windows for light. Great space for all your tools, DIY stuff and even garden equipment. And remember no assembly is too big for Handy Dan and his team. They bring all their tools and know-how and have this first class outdoor shed put together quickly and safely.

Handy Dan is Insured, Bonded and Licensed

We know everyone knows a “guy” who’ll work for cheap. Sure you think you’re saving a few bucks when you hire that uninsured handyperson. But when an accident happens it costs you so much more money because that guy is uninsured. Don’t add stress to your life. Hire The Handy Dan and his amazing team. You get a fully licensed NYC Contractor with twice the required liability insurance. Of course he’s bonded and has loads of great reviews and years and years of experience.

The Handy Dan and Company’s instagram is full of great tips and photos. You can learn all about Dan and his experience in the handy business. Dan loves helping the home DIYer by sharing tips on his YouTube channel. Just select More at the top and then select Media for lots and lots of YouTube Handy Dan Videos. Dan can teach you almost anything right here!

Enjoy your holidays with The Handy Dan and Family. We are always here to help assemble, repair, hang, install and inspect what ever you need. Thanks and have a safe and merry holiday season. The Handy Dan LLC

The Handy Dan and Mike repair, assemble and install for you.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year New York fom The Handy Dan Team and Family and pups Zella and Roux.

Handy Dan of NYC and Family