Hanging Chairs & Planters & Hammocks

Is making your outside space relaxing and inviting one of your many goals this summer? Hanging Chairs & Planters & Hammocks make your home a happy place. The Handy Dan is your NYC Handyman who completes that goal for you. Yes-Hanging Chairs & Planters & Hammocks are assembled and installed expertly by the insured & bonded & highly rated Handy Dan of New York City. He’s your guy who makes your patio, yard, balcony or deck the place all your friends want to be. Or the introvert in you just wants a little private, comfy space for yourself. However, contemplating all the things that usually go wrong when putting together chairs and hammock frames makes you move on to other things. And forget about hanging these items from your ceiling. Much too hard! Stop that. The highly rated, bonded and insured NYC Handyman-The Handy Dan does the work for you.

Of course, there are so many other clients from the Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn, South Slope, and Harlem are thrilled with the workmanship, professionalism and just plain niceness from Dan. Check the YouTube Video of Dan’s clients. It’s called The Three Words to Describe Handy Dan.

Don’t hire those cheap uninsured handymen. Remember that accidents happen and what a disaster if you hire that uninsured handyguy. Another key point is Dan carries twice the required NYC liability insurance and he is of course bonded. Dan is a fully licensed NYC Contractor too. Just check his excellent reviews on his Instagram here.

Great Hanging Chairs Here

The Handy Dan assembles hanging outdoor chairs for you.

So lets find some great, beautiful hanging chairs that go inside or outside. This Private Garden Large Hanging Chair is beautiful. This amazing Egg chair has it’s own metal stand. The Handy Dan assembles this in no time. No worries that you won’t have tools or the know-how cause Dan has his own tools and lots of experience too. This chair has over 60 four and a half star reviews! This well made sturdy chair has four metal legs for stability. No turning over. No one getting hurt. This Private Garden chair is great to use inside your home or outside your home. Of course this chair is movable because it comes with the sturdy frame. Putting it inside in the cold winter months is an option.

How about a two person Hanging Egg Chair that can hold two people? Or you and your pet? It has an amazing 500 pound capacity. Great reviews all around for this large hanging egg chair. This chair is very sturdy. It is made to use inside or outside. Weather resistant too. How fun to share this cozy chair with a loved one. Don’t forget The Handy Dan assembles this gem and makes sure it’s safe for your family and friends to enjoy. Just imagine napping in your new hanging chair with a warm breeze blowing.

The Handy Dan assembles this two person hanging outdoor chair for you.

Planters, Planters Galore!

You love to garden and need space for all those pretty plants. Check this amazing WGX Growers Hanging Wood Planter. This beauty is expertly hung by The Handy Dan of NYC. Hanging it in front of a window is the ideal place. Be sure to get with Dan so he will have the correct hanging hardware for this planter. Good reviews but some reviewers said they had to buy different hardware. But if you love this wood planter, Dan can make it happen in your home with no problems. The Handy Dan is great at solving questions you have about products you love.

The Handy Dan hangs planters for you.

SUPREMETECH Hanging Acrylic Shelves for Windows (34″ Wide, 4 Shelves – 55″ Tall) may be just the thing you’re looking for to have your plants in a sunny place. Just hang it in front of a window and you’re set to enjoy your plants. This acrylic shelf will keep those plants away from your pets and little kids too. Don’t add stress by trying to hang this shelf yourself. Contact The Handy Dan with a list of things that he will do, which makes your home just the way you want it to be.

Hammocks for you to Enjoy!

This absolutely beautiful outdoor hammock has a sustainable wood frame. How lovely to actually lay down and relax in your own comfy outdoor hammock. Grab that book or just take a nap and get that free vitamin D! The Handy Dan will never add to your stress cause he’ll have this assembled in no time. Your family and friends will love this hammock too. Don’t forget to add some gorgeous throw pillows to your new hammock. This set of 4 outdoor, fade resistant pillows are beautiful and colorful. They’ll make that new hammock more comfortable which will make napping a pleasure for sure. These pillows have almost a thousand 5 star reviews too.

Don’t forget that kids love their own private hammock swing. For instance Here’s the highly rated Kids Nest Swing Hammock. This hammock supports up to 230 pounds and has two windows for great air circulation. Another key point is the large door and windows make keeping an eye on your kids easier for sure. To point out having their own place to read or just hangout makes free time a great time for kids. The Handy Dan installs this hanging chair either inside or outside. Your kids will have a ball in their own space where they can play games with their friends or just read and rest.

The Handy Dan Assembles and Installs Swings, Plant Shelves, & Hammocks

You’ve shopped and found the items that make summer time living outside more fun. You need tools and know-how to put these items together. You need experience so you don’t end up with something that just falls apart and hurts someone. In other words, time is precious. With this in mind, save the stress and contact The Handy Dan of NYC. Dan will set up a convenient time to come with all the needed tools and hardware to always do the job correctly. No accidents waiting to happen. In conclusion, trust the NYC fully bonded, licensed and insured Contractor/handyman to do the job right the first time and every time. Dan will become a friend that makes your home safe and beautiful. Thanks so much!