NYC Ikea Bookshelf Assembly

Do You Need That New Bookshelf Assembled?

Hello, I am The Handy Dan, The New York City Handyman servicing Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. I have lots of experience with NYC Ikea Bookshelf assembly. You may have just purchased a new bookshelf for your home or office. The shelf looked just perfect in the store or online. It is fully assembled and decorated beautifully. You actually imagined how great it would look next to your desk or sofa. So you bought it and now you have a huge box from Way Fair, Overstock, IKEA or perhaps Pottery Barn or Crate and Barrell sitting in your apartment. It doesn’t matter where you bought it because the next step is always the assembly. Ok, you think I can do this. You unpack all the pieces, lay them out on your living room floor and begin to read the directions.

First you have to find the correct language from the many pages in the instruction booklet. You see the list of needed tools and begin to feel your stress level increase. Hopefully you think maybe just a butter knife and my shoe will work. Two hours later your floor is covered with too many parts to count and guess what, you don’t have the tools you need to complete the task. Those multi-language incoherent directions are enough to send you out your door to your favorite neighborhood bar.

Bookshelves are hard to assemble

You realize you need help putting this piece of furniture together. Of course that someone is me-The Handy Dan Handyman. I am a fully licensed New York City Contractor who carries twice the required liability insurance. I have over 100 five star reviews from happy clients in New York City. If you live in Manhattan, Chelsea, Harlem or the outer boroughs, its no problem for me. I will come to you with my own tools and supplies and of course experience. No more stress. I can take this job off your hands so you can enjoy your hard earned free time. Even a hardcore DIYer sometimes needs help. Why go out and buy tools you may never use again? I’ll bring what is needed and get that bookshelf put together and safely set up in your New York City apartment.

Safety Is An Important Concern When it Comes to Bookshelves

To point out, bookshelves must be attached to your wall to be safe. Of course it does depend on the type of shelf you have but it never hurts to be safe. The last thing you want is to load your bookshelf up with all those coffee table books, art books or even textbooks and have them fall and hurt someone. I will secure that bookshelf to the wall to give you peace of mind. You have to protect your kids, pets and guests from getting hurt when that unsecured shelf topples over. My extensive experience with New York City wall types really comes in handy securing things to walls.

See you have drywall, plaster or a combination of both on your wall. I am experienced with the types of wall anchors and braces that are needed for each type of wall. Don’t assume any anchor or bracket will work on any wall. I have experience with plaster walls, drywall walls, brick and cement walls too. Get those books up off your floor and onto a new shelf that I have assembled and safely secured to your wall. Easy as pie for me.

Fun Bookshelf Facts and Trivia

Bookcases are almost as old as books themselves. The Egyptians had increasing numbers of scrolls that dated back to the 4th Century BC. These papyrus rolls all needed a storage place. Scroll storage was invented. These rolls could be up to 100 feet long and were very hard to read. This inconvenience let the Romans in the 1st century to begin making square manuscripts which actually lead to the modern books were all know and love. Bookcases, and shelves were being designed for churches and libraries. Access to books and reading became more and more common, smaller book storage became available.

A quick internet search will show Samuel Pepys (1633-1703) an English diary author mentioned a carpenter named Simpson who built book shelves for him. The date of this mention was July 23, 1666. Another interesting fact is about Ben Franklin. When he was 80 years old he didn’t like climbing on a ladder to retrieve a book from a high bookshelf. Ben designed a stick and called it his “Long Arm.” It was an 8 feet long stick of pine with a hooking mechanism to bring that book down off the shelf to him.

NYC Ikea Bookshelf Assembly by The Handy Dan

Accidents Happen

A little research shows some quite inexpensive Handymen on the internet. You are hire one to save some money. But don’t do it. Without a doubt, this low cost Handyman is not insured. He’ll come out to your place and put together your bookshelf. But he has an accident! Oh no, now what? This guy is not insured! Call me and you’ll have no worries like because I carry twice the required New York City liability insurance. I am also a licensed New York Contractor with great reviews.

Contact me. I also hang mirrors and artwork, install closet storage systems and will cool off your apartment by installing a new window air conditioner. Yep, I am a handy guy will lots of talent and experience. I look forward to helping you with your list of tasks.

The Handy Dan assembles bookshelves