Air-conditioner Installation

NYC is starting to heat up and it’s time to do your AC installation in your apartment window. Installing your own AC is a tedious and dangerous task when not done properly. Dropping the new A/C unit will be a disaster. Injuring yourself or someone else is bad. Air Conditioners are heavy and awkward. Brackets and hardware are a must when installing a window air conditioner. It is stressful, dangerous and a unwanted stress to add to your already busy life. I have years of experience under my belt installing window units. I’m here for your air conditioner installation. Contact me . Handy Dan is your window unit installer for NYC (Manhattan, Brooklyn).

The Handy Dan does air conditioner installation in NYC

The best reason to hire me, The Handy Dan to install your window AC unit is the fact that I am fully insured. I have 2x the minimum liability insurance amount (COI’s available). When an accident happens during the install of an air conditioner, we are covered! Check out my instagram.

Air Conditioner Installation

The Handy Dan does air conditioner installation in NYC

While there are tons of options for which AC unit to buy, most are about the same. The main question is what size is your apartment and what size is the window. If you have any questions about which AC unit to buy for your Manhattan, NYC apartment, don’t hesitate to reach out to me via my contact page.