Holiday & Christmas Decorations

Why hire a great handyman to do all your home and business holiday & Christmas decorations? Because it’s a great idea. That way you have more quality time to spend with family and friends. Do you or an employee have to interrupt your work day to decorate the office or lobby of your property? The solution is to hire The Handy Dan. Dan and his crew decorate that beautiful new Christmas tree, hang wreaths, and lights for your home or your business. Make your home, office or property shine with amazing holiday decorations without any stress.

Full sized 6 foot to 12 foot pre-lit Christmas trees are assembled by The Handy Dan and his merry crew for your home or office.

The full beautiful artificial Christmas tree in the photo above will wow all your visitors. This tree comes with 900 dual color LED lights. Yes, 900 lights! You can easily select all white lights or switch to multi-color lights. The base of the tree measures 55 inches and is full and life-like. This 7 foot tall tree comes in 10 and 12 foot heights also. But wait, Handy, I have a small apartment or office and still want a lovely tree. No problem! This same company has a slim version which is 6.5 feet high and 30 inches wide. This slim Christmas tree has 900 pre-lit lights and amazing “real-feel” branches. It goes without saying that these holiday trees are fire resistant. Not to mention, both of these festive tree have great reviews.

Assembly’s A Breeze for Handy Dan

So don’t hesitate, buy a tree knowing there will be no added worries. The manufacturer of these trees advise that assembly time is probably an hour to make sure the limbs are positioned correctly. We all know that sometimes the assembly of an item takes much longer than stated in the instructions. Not everyone is handy like Handy Dan and his crew. So an hour could stretch into many hours to assemble and decorate. It goes without saying that The Handy Dan expertly takes this job off your hands. Dan and his crew decorate your home and or office perfectly for the holiday season. Just click here and check all the wonderful Handy Dan reviews, contact info and even his monthly blogs.

Slim pre-lite Holiday Christmas trees are assembled by The Handy Dan and his merry crew just for your home or office.

Holiday Lights* Holiday Wreaths* Holiday Santas

Here’s an amazing lighted garland that looks great on anyone’s mantel or buffet or dining table. Use your imagination and let Handy Dan hang this beauty for you.

Here’s the perfect wreath for anywhere in your home or office. Buy more than one and let The Handy Dan and his helpers hang this in the perfect spot. A beautiful decorative wreath hanger like this one is just icing on the Christmas cake!

Now Handy has not forgotten string lights. No sir. Of course, Dan loves the holiday lights and hangs these lights with ease and confidence. These magnificent outdoor lights are great for walls, fences or any other place you want to brighten up. The Handy Dan family will work with you to hang these holiday lights to add cheer to your property.

Don’t forget Santa. Here’s a Santa for your yard or balcony that lights up and looks adorable. It goes without saying that young and old alike love this cuddly dude. Dan will assemble and add to your yard decorations easily.

Here's a cute Santa decoration for your yard. The Handy Dan assembles and installs this cutie for you.
Handy Dan of NYC and Family

Happy Holidays from Handy Dan and Family!

So now you have no excuses. Make your holiday much merrier. Delegate those burdensome chores and hire The Handy Dan. Rest assured because Dan is a licensed, bonded and has twice the required liability NYC insurance. Be aware that hiring that cheaper handyman will cost you much more money in the long run when there is an accident. Hire Dan and don’t add stress, subtract stress. Dan takes pride in working with property owners and renters who need help with their repairs and decorations.

Just click here and contract The Handy Dan so you will enjoy your holiday so much more. Thanks in advance.

Happy Happy Holidays from The Handy Dan, Family and Merry Crew!