The Handy Dan Trims Hedges

The Handy Dan trims hedges. There are many unusual reasons to trim those hedges, bushes and shrubs. Therefore, lets explore some not so obvious reasons to trim the hedges around your property.

Trimming Hedges Runs Off Bugs


Those big hedges that are close to your home are just bridges and doors for bugs to use to gain access to your home. We all know that ants and roaches find ways to invade your space. That over grown shrub next to your exterior wall or window is just a walkway bridge which leads right into your property. In addition, Orkin, the pest control company states that trimming all hedges and bushes at least 3 feet from your property will control pests from gaining entry to your home.

The Handy Dan trims hedges and kills bugs


Another key point is that over grown hedge and tree with hanging branches will damage your home during a storm. Home owners and property owners can save money in the long run with just a little yearly trimming which will prevent branches causing storm damage.


So not surprisingly, that high hedges around your home could be harboring more than just bugs and rodents. A burglar or peeping Tom could be lurking under your windows and you’d never know. Of course, trim the hedges so no one can hide and peep.

More Key Points for Trimming Hedges

Poisonous Plants!

Harmful poisonous vines are often growing inside an over grown hedge. Poison Ivy, poison sumac, stinging nettle all cause itching, blisters and pain. Children playing end up covered with an awful painful rash. Prevent harm to your kids just by trimming and removing hedges and vines.

Invasive Plants!

Not to mention, invasive plants could also be growing along with your over grown hedges and shrubs. The Official Website of the City of New York has a list of invasive plants with photos of invasive plants that should be avoided and removed for the good of the state of New York. Golden Bamboo, Japanese honeysuckle, garlic mustard are all invasive and must be controlled in New York City. A property owner can call or email the Official Website of the City of New York for guidance on removing invasive plants.

Landscaping is Key

Landscaping is Key!

Similarly, Orkin, the pest company on their website makes a great point. They state that landscape practices play a big part in making your home vulnerable to pests, insects and rodents. Mulch around a home or property is quite common. However this mulch is also a happy place to bugs and rodents. Replacing mulch next to your property with rocks or gravel makes for a less hospitable home for insects like ants and roaches.

Happy Healthy Hedges!

Trimming Hedges Makes Healthy Plants

So what about the hedges or shrub? Does it benefit from trimming too? Significantly, YES! By removing the dead or diseased branches, new growth is promoted. And if you do want to make a privacy hedge, pruning will make the shrub grow thicker. So of course, removing the diseased or drying branches will also remove unwanted insects.

The Handy Dan Handyman trims hedges

The Handy Dan Trims Hedges and Stress

Stress Free Handy Dan!

Well there you go everyone. To summarize, there are many reasons to hire me to trim your hedges, shrubs and bushes. Of course I will bring my own trimmer, tools and knowhow. Be aware that I have over 100 five star reviews. Check out my YouTube Videos at The Handy Dan NYC Handyman. Not to mention, I am bonded and insured with twice the NYC required insurance. Don’t take a chance hiring that cheaper, unbonded, uninsured handyman. What if there’s an accident? Hire me and you’ll have no worries and no stress. Also note that I am a fully licensed New York City Project Manager/Contractor who attended Columbia University.  I will be glad to help you out with your handyman list of projects.  

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