NYC TV Wall Mounting

Free Up Must Needed Floor Space – Hang Up That TV!

NYC TV Wall Mounting

Living in New York City has wonderful advantages like great entertainment,  restaurants and bars. But many residents have traded NYC amenities for a smaller square footage of living space. In Manhattan the price per square foot of living space in 2022 is a whopping $1612 according to One Block Over Market Report. So let me, The Handy Dan Handyman of NYC, optimize your high priced apartment space by mounting your TV safely to a wall. And say farewell to the large TV stand or table. NYC TV wall mounting is the answer.

TV Wall Mounts Can Solve Problems

Adding needed floor space to your New York City home is always a good reason to wall mount your TV. It also can make for easier viewing.  Sofas and chairs will no longer block your view. But what about that annoying glare on your TV screen? The Handy Dan can install an adjustable wall mount that allows the viewer to change the viewing angle which can minimize glare. Another advantage of wall mounting the TV is safety.  No one wants a TV to topple over and hurt someone.  Lots of children and pets have accidentally been hurt by a TV that falls off its stand. Wall mounting is a safer choice for sure.

Great Ideas Need Planning 

Ok, you’re excited about putting your TV on your wall. But be advised that you will need to have a plan to safely install your TV correctly. And that involves some knowledge you might need help with: Is your wall plaster, dry wall, brick or wood? Do you have a stud finder, drills, levels and other tools? If your answer is OH NO, I DON’T! Don’t stress because The Handy Dan has lots of experience mounting TVs to walls. I not only have experience,  I have twice the required NYC Contractor insurance to assure your peace of mind. Yep there are cheaper,  uninsured handy guys. But if there is an unfortunate incident in your home with an uninsured Handy guy you will regret ever booking someone who has no insurance. Remember I have twice the required NYC insurance. Contact me and we will discuss your needs and set a convenient time to meet.  I will come to your home bring all needed tools and supplies.  My shoes will be covered by shoe booties to keep out any dirty NYC bits. You’ll be pleased when I complete the job and leave your home tidy and clean.

Placement and Tacky Dangling Cords

We will discuss the placement of the TV. You want the placement to insure comfortable viewing.  You’ll probably need a bookshelf or a nice floating shelf installed under your wall mounted TV to house your DVD player,  game consoles and cable boxes.   No one wants tacky hanging cords coming from their TV. I have numerous options,  such as cord covers to hide those wires.

Great Results 

TV Wall Mounting Done by The Handy Dan

When you hire me you’ll eliminate stress because I have over 100 five star client reviews along with great insurance.  I enjoy my job helping New Yorkers by being a multifaceted Handy man. You can spend your free time having fun not having anxiety about home repairs or projects. 

Contact me, you’ll be happy you did.
Thanks so much, Handy Dan