Stop Bugs and Mice

Let The Handy Dan, New York City, Licensed and Insured Experienced Handyman Help You Prevent Mice and Roach Infestation.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, said Ben Franklin in 1736.
He was reminding the citizens of Philly to be careful regarding fire safety. This
old adage sure does still apply today to everyone’s desire to live in a New York
City home that is free of bugs and mice. Yep, it is definitely better to keep out
those nasty, unwanted roommates in the first place.

The Handy Dan trims hedges and kills bugs

No Entrance Allowed for Mice and Roaches

Mice and roaches are sneaky and smart. You can unknowingly easily bring roaches
home in your grocery bag without even realizing it. From the corner fruit stand to
your favorite Whole Foods Market, no where is completely bug free. You had
shopped and happily brought home some ice cream and cookies. You put your
groceries away and never imagined you had also brought home something else.
Later when that ice cream was calling out to you and your stomach was rumbling
you stroll happily into your kitchen, hit the light and you see it. A ROACH! You
consider stepping on it until you realize you’re barefooted. No, find the bug spray.
And you search the back of your pantry and pull out that old can of Raid. But you of
course no longer see that damn roach, so you proceed to spray so much Raid that
you then have to open all your windows so you won’t pass out from the fumes.
Chemical bug killing fumes are now in your home. It stinks, you’re worried about
your pet too. And who knows if that nasty roach is gone, dead or just hiding?

Stop Mice from Entering Your Apartment

What if you reach for that yummy bag of cookies and you see it has been chewed
into. You actually see little teeth marks on the bag and some of the cookies have
been eaten. Or you begin to see little dark colored droppings in your cabinet. Yes,
dropping are mice poop. So your hard earned money is being wasted when you have
to throw out food. Your also hard earned free time is now being spent battling and
cleaning up after mice and roaches. But wait remember that old Ben Franklin
saying-prevention is way better than the cure, so lets try to prevent all this work and
worry by calling me, The Handy Dan.

Prevention by The Handy Dan

Hello, I am The Handy Dan, the highly rated, very experienced New York City
licensed Contractor who has already helped his clients be proactive in their battle
against mice and roaches. And I can help you too. Don’t be left out, feeling
depressed at having to live with nasty mice and roaches. I have a plan that can help
you fight unwanted rodents without harmful chemicals. Yes, I said no routine
spraying of toxic chemicals in your home. Who wants to worry about what these
harsh chemicals are doing to your health not to mention the health of your beloved
pets? My plan is to come to your home and look for potential problems such as
cracks and entry points, torn window screens, worn out weather stripping and water
leaks. Yep, all these problems can be unwanted rodent entry points. By hiring me,
The Handy Dan Handyman, I will fix your problems, complete your needed repairs
that will help prevent these germ spreading creepy crawlies access to your home in
the first place.

No Chemicals No Worries

Its also good to know that we can’t control the cleanliness of our neighbors and we
all share walls which can harbor those unwanted pests. Controlling the entry of
pests is always safer than spraying chemicals. So let me alleviate some stress and
worry by checking out your place and repairing and closing up openings that you
may think are too small to let anything in. Remember mice are extremely capable
at squeezing through very small cracks and even tears in screens. And you won’t
have to worry about me because I have twice the required NYC Contractor
insurance. Hiring a cheaper handyman might seem like the way to go, but if there’s
a problem the smartest thing to do is hire someone insured and experienced like me.
I also have over 100 five star reviews. Check my reviews and feel confident that I
will come to your home, repair what is needed at an agreed upon price and leave
your home neat and clean. I will also bring my own tools and supplies. It’s as easy
as contacting me to set up a time for me to come by and help you with all your
handyman needs.

YouTube Fun

Check out my YouTube video- How to Keep Roaches and Mice Out of your New
York City Apt for a fun view of me helping a client prevent roaches and mice from
setting up residency in her new New York City home.

My other handyman skills include (but not limited to):
Air conditioner installation. Hanging artwork and mirrors. Furniture
assembly. Closet storage system installation. What ever else you need done just contact me

Thank you so much!
Handy Dan

Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens Handyman