The Handy Dan Removes Graffiti

Beautiful property with on graffiti!

Hey did you know that The Handy Dan of NYC will take that messy graffiti removal job off your hands? The Handy Dan removes graffiti! Yep, Dan is your insured, bonded and highly rated handyman/licensed Contractor for your big or small jobs. If you think you can handle the graffiti job yourself just click here for a highly rated graffiti removal spray.

Sunnyside Graffiti Remover is-

  • Water-based formula designed to remove aerosol spray paint, varnish and lacquer
  • Use to remove lipstick, dyes, crayon, ink, markers and shoe polish
  • Works on a variety of surfaces: brick, metal, steel, concrete, stone, vinyl, wood and plaster
  • Biodegradable and non-flammable
  • Small jobs can be handled by you or just contact The Handy Dan here if the job is just one you don’t care to do.

And check this Ergonomic Carbide scrapper to make cleaning off that graffiti easier. But if you don’t want to buy a bunch of tools and supplies just let The Handy Dan of NYC do it.

The Handy Dan has Construction Management Certificate from Columbia

Graffiti on Wood, Brick, Concrete?

So removing graffiti from different surfaces makes the job hard and confusing. Let The Handy Dan determine the best cleaner to use for your job. This porous surface Graffiti remover has great reviews and will get those porous surfaces clean and looking new again. The Handy Dan knows the ins and out of graffiti removal.

Graffiti makes your expensive property look uncared for. It brings down the neighborhood and just is an eyesore. Don’t delay. Get that graffiti off your walls and property. Enjoy a new, refreshed, clean property with help from The Handy Dan. Just contract Dan and set up a convenient time to make that ugly graffiti disappear. Remember Dan carries twice the required NYC insurance along with being bonded and experienced. Don’t forget he also has over 100 five star ratings!


Let Handy Dan of NYC remove that graffiti for you.