Hanging Things on The Wall

Hanging stuff on your walls in a New York City apartment is a complicated job and you need a Pro like me, The Handy Dan NYC Handyman. I’m a fully Licensed Contractor and Insured too!

Your New York City home can be a Soho loft, a Harlem brownstone, a Brooklyn walk up or a high rise modern. And this little list is by no means complete because, New York City apartments are quite varied and individual. This is why you need a professional when hanging items like heavy mirrors, shelves and artwork. Did you know that your New York City apartment can have several types of walls? Some have drywall, some have plaster, some have exposed brick, stone, or concrete. And to make matters more problematic some are combinations of all the wall types. So, hanging anything on your walls can be a stressful task. Who needs more stress? Right? I can do this job for you and leave you with more free time to enjoy. Contact me!

I am an all-around Handyman, a licensed NYC Contractor with twice the required NYC liability insurance and lots of fantastic reviews. Check out my Instagram and see my work and reviews. The Handy Dan can hang your stuff up.

Do you have an exposed Brick Wall?

You don’t want that heavy antique mirror falling off the wall and shattering into a million pieces. A New York City loft or apartment that has exposed brick is a positive selling point. That loft was a former industrial building which was converted to a residential space. The exposed brick walls were left to add texture, color and a historic element to the space. Renters and buyers alike love the beautiful brick until they try to put something up on the wall. New York City brownstones and townhouses were constructed with brick bearing walls. Overtime and restorations many townhomes and brownstones have had the original plaster removed to expose the beautiful brick found under the plaster.

DIYers beware!

You may be a DIYer and feel you are fully capable in hanging artwork in your Soho loft on that beautiful brick wall. But let’s run through some information you need first to tackle this job. You may think that you can just hammer a nail in the brick. Or maybe you can just hammer a nail into the mortar. That is not going to work. You’ll never be able to get a nail through the brick. And putting a nail in the mortar will cause it to crumble.

What you need is a special drill. It’s a special drill that has more power that will make it possible to put correct brackets and anchors in the brick to safely hold whatever you wish to hang on that exposed brick wall.  Yep, it’s easy for me to do because I have already helped other NYC clients hang items on their brick walls.

I have the experience and tools and I will happily come to your place and help you too. You may not be aware that along with the special drill I will also bring the correct masonry drill bits, eye protection, ear protection, the correct anchors, brick brackets, and also strong braided hanging wire if needed. Well, you might just be a talented DIYer, but you may not have all the needed tools and supplies to do this job the right way. Just let me help, we can discuss your job and needs and set up a time for me to come help you out. I will bring all the needs supplies and quickly get your job safely and beautifully done. Contact me!

The Handy Dan can install floating shelves and hang thing on the wall

Wait, Wait, I have plaster walls. At least I think they are plaster walls. How do I know?

You definitely need to know what kind of wall you have before you can hang anything on that wall. Most buildings built before World War II had plaster walls. Even though drywall was invented in 1916 it wasn’t commonly used in residential construction until the 1950s. If your home was built in the 1950s or the 60s it was common to use plaster and drywall. If your home was built after 1960 it was probably drywall. But many homes in New York City have a combination of drywall and plaster and sometimes brick too. So, this can be very confusing. You need a professional.

I can come to your place and tell you what kind of wall you have before we hang up any art, shelves, TVs, or mirrors.  You could have drywall on one wall, exposed brick on one wall, and plaster on another wall. That is no problem for me because I know what kind of anchors, screws, bolts, and brackets to use. Hardware stores have long aisles just for wall hanging hardware. There can be hundreds of kinds to choose from and no one to help you pick the correct kind.

The Handy Dan can install, mount your TV, mirrors, shelves on your walls. I can hang things on the wall.

The Handy Dan, NYC Handyman Can Always Help

Handyman projects can be overwhelming and stressful. Because sometimes it’s best to hire a professional, you check out some local Handyman sites.  Maybe you get a few quotes and just pick the lowest quote and that Handyman comes to your home and there is an accident.  Now you find out that Handyman was not insured. You now have a huge headache, and your stress is made much worse.  Don’t fall for hiring a cheaper handyman that has no liability insurance.  My rates are fair, and I carry twice the required NYC Contractor liability insurance. So, make the right choice to start with because it may be the so much better in the long run. 

Contact me and we will set up a time for me to come and complete your job.  Hanging things on the wall is what I do. Thanks so much!