Cat and Dog Door Installations

The Handy Dan expertly does cat and dog door installations. Of course you love your cat and dog but not so much the litter box or the occasional mess your dog makes inside your home. Your cat loves having a quiet, secluded place to do his business. You love having the smelly, dusty litter box in an enclosed area.

The Handy Dan makes closets or laundry rooms that secluded place for your kitty by installing a cat door. However, any room can be a kitty box retreat. Spare bedrooms, basements or spare bathrooms also work great. And New Yorkers in Park Slope, Brooklyn and Manhattan that have enclosed garden spaces or patios can choose a cat or dog door that opens to the outside too. Of course no matter where you are the NYC area- Harlem, Midtown the Bronx, I’ll be happy to help you with all your handy-honey do needs. You can check out my fun YouTube tutorials and a day in the life videos here-

The Handy Dan installs cat and dog doors

Highly Rated Cat & Dog Doors

The Purrfect Portal French Cat Door is the “purrfect” solution for indoor kitty doors. This inexpensive, highly rated cat door requires no training because it has no flap. It’s pretty french doors close and lock by you. This keeps out your other pets who like to eat your cat’s food. It keeps that dog out when your cat needs some quiet time. This french door accommodates cats up to 20 pounds. Cat owners gave lots of great reviews for this stylish and functional door. The Handy Dan installs this door for you quickly and efficiently. He’ll bring all the necessary tools with him after you contact him and set up a time that works for you.

When looking for a low dust kitty litter look here. This unscented litter keeps the litter box area much clearer with it’s 99.9% dust free formula. The package is also much lighter weight for easy lifting and moving. No perfumed coverup scent because it’s unscented. Therefore, no stinky odors from the cat litter box is great.

However you may be a New Yorker who has a pet that has safe access to the outdoors. Therefore your cat can access your garden area for fun, fresh air and potty time. So, contact me, The Handy Dan and I will advise which is the best cat door to the outside to purchase. But Handy, you ask: there are other neighborhood cats that I don’t want in my house ever! Moreover, what about racoons or rodents? Not to mention some cat owners don’t want their cat to have access to the outside unless they know about it. I have great solutions for all these potential problems. I do cat and dog door installations for you.

Smart Doors with Remote Control

Wait Handy, I have cats and other animals I don’t want to have access to my home through a pet door. Having a skunk or racoon in your home would be a disaster for sure. Yep, I have a solution for this worry too. The Pet Safe Connected Smart Door can remotely control the pet door through your phone. This amazing door won’t unlock for racoons and strays ever. A small fob is included that is attached to your pet’s collar that signals the door to unlock AND alert you that your pet has gone outside. Nothing could be better! For instance, you’re stuck at work and can’t get home to let out your pet. Just open the door with your phone and relock it when you feel it’s best to do so.

But if you don’t want your pet to go out at certain times, just set it to deny access. If your pet has a microchip it too can be paired with this door to allows the door to open. Just imagine you’re stuck in traffic and know you’ll be late getting home. Just allow access and your precious pet can go through the door and you are actually notified. See the 1500 plus great reviews for this door here!

Lastly, don’t worry about cold air coming in your cat or dog door. Click here and see a great pet door that actually has extra insulation to keep those heating and air bills affordable. So no worries about drafts with this wonderful pet door.

Sliding Glass Door? No Problem for The Handy Dan

Handy, I have a sliding glass door not a regular door, it that a problem? Absolutely not for me. This Pet Safe One Piece Sliding Glass Pet Door for cats and dogs does the job. Over 1500 great reviews! Make your sliding glass door a pet door that your cat or dog will love. The Handy Dan will do all the work for you and make your pet super happy.

One Ingredient Dog and Cat Treats for Training and Health

Most dogs may need a little training to use a doggy door. Just be ready with a great tasting treat like Stewart Freeze Dried Beef Liver Treat. This treat is ONE INGREDIENT!!!! Only beef liver that is packed with iron, copper and zinc. Does your pup have stomach and digestive issues? Is your pup just a picky eater? Look no further. The dog owner reviews for this treat report that picky eaters and upset stomach pups love this product. There are over 22K fabulous reviews. In addition these treats are great for puppies and seniors. The size can be broken into what size is great for your dog. NO JUNK, NO GRAIN, just liver that dogs need and love. They come in a resealable tub for freshness. In addition, the Stewart company makes this amazing liver treat in the USA.

Finally, we can’t forget our kitty cat. They need healthy one ingredient, made in USA treats too! Well just see that wonderful treat here. It’s the Whole Life Pet One Ingredient Salmon Treat. Do you have a picky eater or an over weight cat? This human grade salmon treat is perfect. No fillers or artificial ingredients here, no sir. We want our pets happy and healthy. With over 1600 great reviews you just can’t go wrong.

My Pups -Roux and Zella

The Handy Dan's pups. Dan installs pet doors.

Ok, for sure you’re excited about The Handy Dan installing a new pet door for you. Yeah, we know you could do it yourself, BUT WHY? Taking your hard earned free time to buy tools, templates, saws, etc. doesn’t sound fun. Just contact me and I will bring my extensive experience, tools, shoe booties (to keep out NYC unwanted bits) and last but never least my insurance. You see that uninsured Handyman will be cheaper but accidents happen everyday. Be forewarned and prepared. I carry twice the required NYC insurance. I am a licensed, bonded, Contractor will lots of great reviews. Thanks from Handy Dan and his pups, Roux and Zella.