NYC Closet System Installation

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NYC Closet System Installation

Hello, And Welcome To This New Closet Blog

 Yes, this will be all about NYC closet system installation. I can help make your life easier, less cluttered and well, over all happier. My name is Dan, and I am a New York City Handyman. Luckily I have experience installing closet systems, especially the Elfa Closet System. But no worries because I will be glad to install any system you purchase. 

Ikea, Closet Maid, The Container Store and even big box stores like Wal Mart, The Home Depot and Lowes carry closet shelves, closet totes, and closet baskets. Here’s a great ClosetMaid closet system on Amazon. These items improve your storage capabilities.  My clients are happy when I do the installation of their new closet system for them. So you won’t ever have to worry about buying drills, hammers, levels and all the other things that make a successful install possible. I am an all-around Handyman with over 100 five-star reviews that you can check out. I will bring my own tools when I come to your place and install your brand new storage closet system. NYC closet system installation is easy when you contact me.

Hire The Handy Dan to install your closet system

Closet systems can be expensive, and you’ll want the best price of course. This Rubbermaid Wire Closet Shelving Kit has great reviews. You will never add more stress to your life when you hire me. No more spending your hard-earned free time trying to install a closet system. Let me, The Handy Dan, a New York City Handyman do it for you.  You contact me and I will come to your place with my own tools, experience and especially insurance.  That’s right, insurance.  You may not have thought of that, but beware and warned an insured Handyman is better than an uninsured Handyman.  Yep, that other uninsured Handyman will probably give you a cheaper quote, but what if there’s an accident? Not good at all!  I am a Bonded, Licensed New York City Contractor who carries twice the required amount of liability insurance.

Here’s Some Closet History and Trivia

 We’ve all pretty much taken closets for granted.  It’s a place to hang clothes, store shoes and hide stuff we just can’t throw out yet. We all have fun pulling out those old t-shirts we wore 10 years ago, right? The history of closets reveals that they have evolved from the Egyptian baskets to Roman chests to French armoires to the present built in areas now common in most residential spaces. Sure, closets are common but vary greatly in size. 

It’s a fact that New York city closets are small compared to modern room size walk in closets.  In addition, it wasn’t until the late 1800’s that closets became more normal. Hangers weren’t invented until 1869. At first clothes were folded and put in large chests or hung from wall hooks and pegs. But by the end of the 1800’s, closets were beginning to be built directly into the walls. Now the large, heavy, expensive armoires and chests were no longer necessary.  Walk in closets began in the 1980’s. Around the year 2000 wealthier families pushed for even larger room sized closets with sofas and furniture. More money resulted in more stuff and more stuff demanded more closets. 

How many pieces of clothes do you have?

New York City residents love older apartments that often have very small closets.  Obviously, New Yorkers must be imaginative and creative in order to store their clothes. With this in mind an informal Instagram survey in 2020 asked just how many clothes a person owned. Surprisingly, the results showed the average woman in the USA has 165 pieces of clothing. Similarly, Canada came in at 115 pieces. Noteworthy is Poland which won out with the most at 267 pieces of clothing. In addition, Closet Maid did another similar survey last year and their results came in at 103 clothing items for the average woman. That’s quite a bit of needed closet space.

The Dakota and Closets

It is interesting to note that the first closets built in the USA date back to the famous New York City apartment building, The Dakota. The Dakota is a 10 story, 94-unit cooperative, membership-based building at 1 West 72nd Street in the Upper West Side of New York City. With construction all done in 1870, The Dakota needed tenants.  To entice wealthier families, the architect, Henry J. Hardenbergh included the new and needed closets that were built into the walls. An article in The New York Times stated they measured 2 ½ feet deep and 6 feet wide.

Just like New York itself, The Dakota is famous for it’s many wealthy and talented residences.  Paul Simon, Bono, Lauren Bacall, Leonard Bernstein, Joe Namath and even Boris Karloff have called The Dakota home.  Just to point out, Yoko Ono and her son still live in The Dakota. This may be a surprise because her late husband, John Lennon was shot and killed just outside the entrance. Their apartment is on the 7th floor facing beautiful Central Park. Also, Central Park is more than just a lovely view at The Dakota.  The architect used mud from Central Park to pack between the layers of brick floors which helped with sound proofing and helped in fireproofing the beautiful building.

Cher and Madonna

The Dakota has a membership board that screens prospective owners and has denied among others, Cher and Madonna from moving in.  Lauren Bacall, the wife of the late Humphry Bogart lived in The Dakota for 53 years in a 9-room unit which sold for 23.5 million dollars in 2015. Moreover, the name Dakota was due to the location. In the late 1800’s when the building was completed, the location in Manhattan was considered so far from everything that it might as well have been built in the Dakotas.

Back To Installing Your New Closet Storage System

At the beginning of this blog, I mentioned the Egyptians.  Predating closets, they used wicker baskets for storage.  Open weaved, air circulating baskets were a very smart idea. Why? Mold!  No one wants mold growing in their stored beloved clothes.  If you use plastic bins for storage, then you may be growing mold which can result in yellowing of materials and black moldy spots.  Yuck!  For this very reason modern closet storage systems use open ventilated shelves and open bins and baskets. And don’t think of using cardboard boxes either because they attract rodents and insects like silverfish that love to eat those boxes.

The Elfa Closet System are great!

The average person spends $1500 a year on clothes. Bad storage choices will ruin your investment .  Elfa Storage Systems and other brands have online planners that can help you pick and design the perfect closet system just for you. Elfa System can be more expensive than some other big box brands, but they are sturdier and much easier to rearrange and change than other systems.

Newborn To Teenager Solutions

For example, there’s a need to store items for a newborn baby now. However, in just a few years the system can be updated and rearranged for the older child. Elfa systems work well when you anticipate needed changes. The Elfa system has one top rack which is installed to the wall. The other pieces connect to it. Vertical shelves use all available space and help eliminate clutter and possible damage to clothes.   Shelves, bins, baskets and hangers all complete the storage area. Ikea, Rubbermaid, The Container Store, The Home Depot, Amazon and Lowes all have closet storage systems.

The Handy Dan is there for your NYC Closet System Installation

If you need advice or help, just let me know and we can work out what system works for your life, space and budget.  Contact me and we can agree on a time and date to update your closets and make your space more enjoyable.  Thanks, and remember I am a fully insured, bonded and licensed NYC Contractor/ Handyman with loads of great reviews and experience.  Contact me and we’ll get the ball rolling to improve your wonderful New York City home.