The Handy Dan does Weatherstripping

The Handy Dan does weatherstripping. I am your New York City Handyman and I will lower your heating bill and heating costs with weatherstripping. I use affordable methods to winterize and weatherstrip your house, apartment or brownstone. You live in Brooklyn, Park Slope, Harlem, Manhattan or Midtown. You live in a tiny studio apartment, an apartment with a outside space, a stately brownstone or a cloud touching high rise. Doesn’t matter which kind because the average snowfall in New York City is about 25 inches a year. So no matter what kind of property you live in, it’s cold. Sometimes it’s cold inside your home too. Wasting money on heating cost is preventable. I’m Dan, the New York City all around Handyman. I have already helped many clients lower their heating bills and warm up their home by winterizing.

The New York Times contributor, Jay Romano wrote, “An eighth of an inch wide gap alongside an exterior door is roughly equal to a one inch hole in a wall.” It looks small, but any little opening will make your home cold and cost you more money. The American Council on Energy-Efficient Economy, based in Washington DC, stated that heat loss around windows typically accounts for approximaetly 25% of a households heating bill during winter.

The Handy Dan does weatherstripping

The Handy Dan does Weatherstripping

The Handy Dan does weatherstripping

Let me explain winterizing.
I have a few tricks up my sleeve. I’ll locate the areas in your New York City apartment that are causing your home to be cold and drafty. I’ll close up these cracks, holes and other problem areas with weatherstripping, caulk, tape, or plastic sheeting. I have experience locating hard to see areas that need repairs and winterizing.

Do you have a mail-slot? Let me insulate that mail-slot too. I’ll check all your windows to make sure they are keeping out drafts. I’ll check all your exterior doors for drafts. I will install an inexpensive door sweep solution and then say goodbye to door drafts. I’ll check your pipes for drafts. I will close up openings around your pipes.

Does My Place Need Winterizing?

Are you cold inside your home, but not sure if you have any problems that are causing drafts? You can do this simple test: Light a candle or insence stick and walk around your home. If the flame flickers or the insense smoke moves you have drafts. Contact me, The Handy Dan and we can set up a time for me to make your home warm and cozy. I have over 100 five star reviews. Many of my client’s are repeat customers. I bring my own tools. I bring experience and knowhow. Your place will be neat and clean when I complete your requests. Be sure to winterized your place yearly. Why? Because buildings continue to settle and shift.
How about all your electrical outlets and light switches? These are all letting cold air inside your home. I’ll add foam insulation to reduce those cold drafts.

Handy Dan can help keep bugs and nasty mice out of your home.

Those mice and bugs all look for someplace warm in the winter too. That small opening under your sink or around your door is just an open invitation to bugs and rodents to move on in during the cold winter months. I will close up those openings and stop mice and bugs from coming in your home. Weatherstripping, foam, steel wool, caulk make it not only warmer in your home, but make it harder for unwanted germy pests to get in.

Landlords and Property Owners Benefit from Weatherstripping too!

Landlords can also benefit from winterizing their properties. Do you have a property that tenants never stay long-term? Are you always losing money when trying to find a new renter? With this in mind, lets look at the problem from another angle. Of course Landlords can make their tenants happy by making the property more comfortable and more affordable for the renter. I can winterized the property for you. Along with all the already mentioned ideas consider adding attic insulation. Studies show that a majority of the heat escapes through the roof if there is less than ideal insulation. Adding attic insulation will just keep that tenant warm and happy. Happy tenants usually renew their leases year after year.

Landlords don’t forget about your building’s gutters and roof drains. Obviously, cleaning out gutters keeps the water away from the structure. Snow in a clogged up gutter will cause water to accumulate. Not to mention, water causes leaks and wood damage. With this in mind, your property is a major investment. Don’t lose money by not keeping those gutters clean. Therefore, prevention is cheaper than a major costly repair.

Why The Handy Dan is your best choice when hiring a handyman

I am your best choice because I am bonded, insured, experienced and highly reviewed. Don’t forget I am bonded. It is important to be bonded. This bond guarantees that my Handy Dan Handyman LLC business meets all my legal obligations. My bond provides an extra protection for my customers. It’s a mechanism for risk mitigation. So it is considered safer to use me, a bonded handyman than to use an unbonded handyman.

In conclusion, if you do hire that unbonded, cheap handyman and they behave unethically or cheat you, you won’t have a solution. But when you hire a bonded handyman like me, you can make a claim against my bond. Your claim will be investigated and when proven to be true, the bonded handyman will owe you a reimbursement. So in the long run, it is very important to hire a handyman who is not only bonded but insured. Significantly, I am insured. The Handy Dan carries twice the required liability insurance. Just ask, I will be glad to give you proof of my bond and insurance at anytime. I am also OSHA 30 Certified, OSHA 10 Certified, and a Licensed New York City Contractor, with course certified Project Management through Columbia University in the City of New York.

Let Me Help You Save Money and Warm Up Your Home

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We will talk about how to winterize your Brooklyn, Harlem, the Bronx, Midtown or Manhattan house or apartment. Your home will be warmer, with less chance of having unwanted insects and mice. I will stop heat loss around your receptacles, doors, windows and pipes. The Handy Dan does weatherstripping. Also rest assured that the supplies are affordable. Check my Instagram too!
Thanks and have a happy and warm holiday.
Dan, The Handy Dan