Kitchen Space Saving Ideas

Hello again. I am the Handy Dan the Manhattan based Handyman who installs kitchen space saving Rev-A-Shelf solutions. This new blog about NYC kitchen space saving ideas will turn your small New York City (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens) kitchen into an organized happy place.  With my help, I will make your kitchen amazing. I am The Handy Dan the New York City licensed, fully insured Contractor with over 100 five-star reviews.  I alleviate stress and better your world.

 Kitchen Space Saving Ideas

Kitchen Space Saving Ideas

Being a home cook in New York City (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens) can be a challenge because kitchens here are usually much smaller than the national average. New Yorkers have so many food choices that cooking at home isn’t always the first choice.  Maybe the pandemic changed that for sure.  Cooking at home became more normal for New Yorkers. Therefore having more choices is certainly a positive. Therefore, eating healthy and saving money are many New Yorkers new normal.  Surprisingly, the average kitchen in the USA is about 150 square feet. But in NYC the average is about 90 square feet and that is even getting smaller. Another point is since the year 2000 newly built NYC kitchens have been less than that.   Obviously every square foot counts and needs to be used to its full advantage. So, you have come to the right place.

I have helped other happy, satisfied clients install Rev-A-Shelf shelves that transform your kitchen space. An example is the area in front of your kitchen sink. It’s just a piece of wood that covers the underneath area of your sink.  But this popular company saw this unused area and designed and sells a pull out tray that I will install quickly for you. This area will now be used for sponges and cleaning supplies that will no longer be sitting on or in your sink or using much coveted counter space. Another client favorite for sure.


Rev-A-Shelf, founded in 1984 and is still going strong. Their shelves are of course highly rated. New products on their website include a Charging Drawer. This drawer outlet when installed by me and will give you a place to charge all your electronic devices. No more phones, tablets and laptops taking up your counter space. Another point is Rev-A-Shelf solutions are used anywhere in your home not just your kitchen.

The also new Rev-A-Shelf 5 inch pull out utensil organizer with a soft close feature is a must have. With over 189 four and a half star reviews you’ll love this. The soft close feature means the cabinet or drawer closes slowly and quietly. No more pinching fingers or waking up the family with slamming drawers. This is the ultimate home chef favorite for keeping all those utensil easily accessible and safe.  This space saving organizer eliminates all those countertop bins which frees up your much needed countertop for prepping. There is another pull out organizer for your cleaning supplies and paper towels. It has an area to store aluminum foil and plastic wrap.

The Handy Dan has all the tools needed to add kitchen space saving ideas.

Safety First: Horizontally or Physically Challenged?

Stop climbing up on the counter, balancing on a stool or dragging a chair into your kitchen space to access the upper cabinets. A fall in your kitchen can be avoided with planning and organizing. In other words, senior citizens and kids shouldn’t have to risk injury just to cook a meal or make a sandwich.  With this in mind, Rev-A-Shelf has a two tiered shelf that can be installed in your upper cabinets. The shelf lowers 11 ½ inches and comes forward 16 ¾ inches making that mixer or bag of sugar easily reachable by almost anyone without risk of injury.  What a great gift for your elderly relative or friend. To conclude, this gas-powered shelf locks in place and effortlessly unlocks to return back into the cabinet.

Don’t forget about those blind spot lower cabinets.  The ones that go back too far to reach the contents. They are usually dark making the contents hard to find. The key point is Rev-A-Shelf has the Blind Spot Shelf with 2 tiers and soft closures that brings the contents of the cabinet right into your reach.

Pull out trays, blind spot shelves, gas powered pull down and out shelves, lazy Susan’s, cookware pull out drawers and shelves by this company are all easily installed by me, The Handy Dan. In addition check out the reviews and be assured that Rev-A-Shelves are well made and highly reviewed. Not surprisingly YouTube has customer reviews also that make purchasing Rev-A-Shelves an easy decision.

Your Plan to Improve Your Kitchen is Here!

Just measure your cabinets and drawers and start shopping. Finally then contact me and I will come to your home with all the needed tools, supplies, clean shoe covers, a smiling face, loads of experience and great customer reviews.

Other Great Cost-Effective and NYC Space Saving Kitchen Ideas

Peg Boards, Bookshelves, Rolling Carts, A Pallett, Magnetic Strips, Floating Shelves: These are all ideas I can help you with.

Peg Boards:

Julia Child, the wonderful author of Mastering the Art of French Cooking used Peg Boards in her home kitchen to expand her storage. Significantly her peg boarded kitchen is now housed in The Smithsonian Institute for all to see and enjoy. Notably peg board is inexpensive. With this in mind it can be painted any color you like and with added hooks, and magnet strips, house your pots and pans, utensils, and towels.  Julia loved to cook, teach cooking, and write about cooking.  It was her life. She once said: “I enjoy cooking with wine. Sometimes I even put it in the food.” In conclusion, I can help you make your kitchen like Julia’s.

Bookshelves, Floating Shelves, Pallets

Yes, find that thrift store bookshelf, paint it a great color and I will attach it to your kitchen wall and suddenly you have new kitchen storage. In addition check out Pinterest for making shelves from pallets. In conclusion it’s inexpensive and DIY doable.

Rolling Carts:

Amazon has a great bamboo rolling kitchen cart. I will gladly put it together for you. Then the cart can be used for storage and moved in and out of the kitchen space.

Twice the Required Handyman Contractor Insurance

Be aware that I carry twice the required New York City liability insurance. Of course I am a fully licensed Contractor. In addition I may not be the cheapest to hire but know that the cheap handyman probably has no insurance. Therefore if you don’t want to add worry and stress to your life, make sure that if there is an accident that your handyman is fully insured like me.  If you have any questions just contact me, I would love to help you anyway I can.

Thanks so much!

Dan, The Handy Dan