How To Soundproof Your NYC Apartment

No matter your location in NYC, many New Yorkers have unwanted noise coming into their homes. Traffic, neighbors with loud stereos, TVs, kids and parties all are a bother. It’s easy to soundproof your home. First here’s ideas that you can do yourself. Later we’ll explore how Team Handy Dan helps clients quiet down outside noise with some simple, inexpensive solutions.

No Drilling Soundproofing Ideas

Let’s start with inexpensive soundproofing ideas. To soundproof a room without drilling holes, you can consider the following ideas: Add lots of soft materials to your home. Place that heavy overstuffed sofa against a wall. Add blankets and rugs. Put up heavy curtains at the windows. And voila, your home is quieter because all these soft materials absorb sound waves. In other words, these materials deaden sound. These soundproofing ideas are perfect for renters. There are no permanent changes done to your space. When you move, just take all your soundproofing items with you. And of course, your security deposit will once again be yours.

Add Bookcases for Soundproofing

Adding heavy bookcases to your walls always allows less sound to pass through. Team Handy Dan has assembled and hung more bookcases for clients than they can count. Go ahead, buy this beautiful bookcase and contact The Handy Dan Team right here. No need to struggle with pages and pages of instructions to find you don’t have the correct tools. Let Team Handy Dan assemble that bookcase for you. And of course it goes without saying that the shelves have to be attached to your wall for complete safety. The Handy Team has experience with all types of walls in New York City homes. Brick, cement, plaster, drywall are no problem for Team Handy Dan. This solid wood bookcase will definitely add a soundproofing element to your home.

If space is a problem, this small wood bookshelf is your answer. Contact Team Handy Dan and before you know it, your new bookshelf will be assembled and attached safely to your wall. No worries about the shelf falling over and hurting your family, friends or pets. And of course no worries about any accident happening because Team Handy Dan is fully insured, bonded and a licensed NYC General Contractor. Sure that uninsured handy guy is cheaper, but when an accident happens in your home it’s you who will have to pay out of pocket for that injury no matter who is at fault. The scenario will never happen with The Handy Dan Team.

Entry hall storage helps quiet down your home
Entry Storage helps quiet down outside noise.

Hang A Wall Tapestry

Yes, those beautiful wall tapestries you’ve seen are also a great way to add soundproofing to your home. This arts and craft style wall tapestry is functional and lovely to look at. Hanging a tapestry can be daunting. Team Handy Dan will take this job off your hands. Just let The Team know what type of wall you have and sit back and watch the experts hang your new tapestry for you.

Curtains Will Soundproof Your Home

Team Handy Dan have hung soundproofing curtains in many homes in NYC. Park Slope, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Harlem, Upper East Side all have quieter and warmer and cooler homes thanks to the Team Handy Dan. Curtains with insulation backing make your home quieter, warmer in winder and cooler in the summer. You’ll have curtains on your windows anyway, so select these curtains and let the Handy Dan Team hang them with no stress. They are highly rated so check them out.

Thanks so much for checking out our ideas to soundproof your home. If you would like more permanent panels added to doors or walls Team Handy Dan will also do that for you. Contact Dan and he will be happy to help you figure out the best ways to soundproof your home.

Thanks so much. We look forward to helping you very soon.

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