Replacing Old Bathroom Caulking

Why Should I Worry About Replacing The Caulk In My Bathroom? I Rent.

Replacing old bathroom caulking

We are living in New York City, the city that never sleeps.  The exciting historic boroughs all have amazing pros and of course some cons. Most of us aren’t just jumping in our cars and going to work, we are walking to trains and busses and if you’re like me spending hours on your feet doing a job you take pride in. I’m not complaining  because I find NYC challenging and fulfilling.  As a New York City Handyman who is a  fully insured licensed contractor, I help my customers by giving them back their hard earned leisure time. When we get home after a long work day, relaxing should be our goal. Our home or apartment should be a happy, healthy place. Replacing old bathroom caulking is a great idea.

Many of us get home, remove our shoes at the door and head to our bathroom to shower or soak in a nice bath. You might grab a beer or like Johnny Depp a mega-pint of wine. The warm water hits you but wait you see something troubling-mold or cracks in your caulk.

Should I Worry About That Black or Reddish Stuff In My Shower?

Get your old caulking redone by Handy Dan!

Yes, worry! A quick Google search will inform you that most apartment buildings in NYC were built before the end of World War II. And many of the buildings are at least 90 years old. Think about how many water leaks, storms, plumbing problems your apartment building has endured. 

But back to your unrelaxing bath or shower.  You may see a reddish film on your caulk.  This nasty stuff is called serratia marcescens and it feeds off your soap and shampoo residue and moisture.  It spreads quickly. Or you may have black or dark green mold. This indoor mold is called aspergillas. This fast growing, spore releasing microbe can aggravate asthma, allergies and cause itchy eyes, runny noses and coughing. Well there will be absolutely no relaxing done here surrounded by nasty discolored caulk. Maybe you have tried a quick fix of adding new caulk over old blacken moldy caulk.  Good fix? Nope but correctly fixing moldy caulk is time consuming and dangerous if you accidentally mix the wrong cleaners together. Ammonia and bleach  together causes toxic fumes.

Use a Respirator to clean my bathroom?

WikiHow actually advises someone who is cleaning bathroom caulk to use a respirator.  Not a mask, an activated charcoal cartridge respirator that is fitted to your face. And remember the cracked peeling off caulk could be letting mold spores into your bathroom from behind your walls even if you see no black or discolored areas. Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to worry about your health every time you enter your bathroom? You could set aside a whole day, buy gloves, a respirator,  spray bottles, bleach, vinegar and hope you don’t ruin your rugs, towels and curtains or just contact me, The Handy Dan,  The NYC Handyman. I will be happy to take this job off your hands. Replacing old bathroom caulking is the thing to do.

No Worries With The Handy Dan, The NYC Handyman. Great Reviews.  Twice the Insurance. 

I have lots of experience caulking NYC bathrooms. Check out my great reviews. I am a New York City licensed Contractor. You’ll see I have over 100 five star customer reviews.  Don’t waste your time combating discolored caulk. I will replace your caulking and leave your bathroom a sanctuary for relaxing.  I can give you tips to keeping your new caulk clean and white. I’ll come to your place with experience,  my own tools and supplies.  But most importantly I have twice the required NYC Contractor liability insurance.  Sure you might find a cheaper uninsured handyman, but is it worth the worry? Absolutely not.  Contact me and we’ll set a time to get that bathroom sparkling clean.  I also specialize in many other kinds of repairs to make your home wonderful and to gift you back your leisure time.  Can’t wait to hear from you.


Handy Dan  

The New York City Licensed Contractor.