Which Window Air Conditioner to Buy In NYC

Installing Window Air Conditioners = Dangerous/Stressful

Soon it will be hot weather time in New York City. Manhattan, Brooklyn, Park Slope, the Bronx, Harlem-they all will be hot and humid this summer. I am The Handy Dan, your NYC Handyman. I will of course help you decide which window air conditioner to buy. Stop suffering and add a new quieter, energy efficient window air conditioner to your New York City home or apartment. However, installing a window air conditioner is not an easy task.

Window air conditioner units are heavy and awkward. Dropping a window unit is dangerous and a disaster. Injuring yourself or someone else for the unexperienced DIYer is a very likely outcome. Tools, brackets and hardware are a must when installing a window air conditioner. It is stressful, dangerous and a unwanted stress to add to your already busy life. However, I have years of experience successfully installing window air conditioner units.

You will need a new window air conditioner for so many reasons. Your home or apartment is hot, stuffy and humid. You can’t sleep, cook, work or even just live comfortably in a hot home. If you have an old window unit that is noisy and barely cools it’s time for a new replacement. If you already have a window air conditioner but you need to add another to cool your home this is the right blog to read.

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The best reason to hire me, The Handy Dan, to install your window AC unit is the fact that I am fully insured. I have twice the minimum liability insurance and of course, I am bonded which adds to your comfort. Accidents happens so don’t ever hire a cheaper unbonded or uninsured handyman who will make your life much more stressful. Rest assured by my over 100 five star reviews. Check my Instagram site and see that I have lots of experience doing handy tasks, honey-do lists, maintenance, and installs to help you enjoy your home.

The Handy Dan installs window air conditioners in NYC
The Handy Dan can recommend and install window air conditioners in NYC.

Tell Me Which Window Air Conditioner to Buy Please!

Hey, Handy Dan tell me which window air conditioner to buy, please! Yep, I hear this all the time from my clients. And of course I can help you pick which window air conditioner is the perfect one for your home or apartment. What I need to know is the size of the room or space you want to cool. I know that a general rule is that an A/C unit needs 20 btu for each square feet of living space.

Yep, sorry but it’s math time. Now lets calculate the square feet by measuring the length and width of the room. It goes without saying that I can help you with this step at any time. So lets say your hot stuffy bedroom is 10 feet long and 15 feet wide. Multiply the length times the width: 10 x 15 = 150 square feet! So let’s check the btu’s needed by multiplying 150 x 20 and that equals 3000. Now if this is the only room you want to cool, we can figure out which size window air conditioner you need to buy.

Great Window Air Conditioner Choices on Amazon

Which Window Air Conditioner to buy in NYC

So here’s info for which window air conditioner to buy in NYC. Remember we figured you need a window air unit that has about 3000 btus? Now let’s check what is available on Amazon in that size. You’ll see many units in many different sizes. I can make this easy by just clicking this link. This small Midea 5000 BTU air conditioner is just perfect for your bedroom that measures 10 x 15 feet. This great room air conditioner has over 15,000 great reviews on Amazon. Moreover it will cool your room with 7 temp controls. There’s a removable, washable dust filter which is another great feature. Also, this room unit can be set to the fan setting to add fresh air to your room. In other words, The Handy Dan recommends this window air conditioner. And moreover my clients are happy clients.

Wait a minute, maybe you have a larger area to cool. No problem at all! Amazon has another window air conditioner that has 8000 btus. This medium sized unit can be found here. Another key point is this Midea window air conditioner has a remote control. Also there are numerous temperature settings. The filter is removable and washable. Check out the link to this unit above and you’ll see lots of great reviews too.

Are you wondering about the Midea brand? It’s a company that was founded back in 1968. Midea is now a leading Global Fortune 500 company in 195 countries. They have 21 production facilities worldwide. Their window air conditioners come in many sizes and models to work beautifully in your home.

Larger areas need larger window air conditioners

Amazon has an even larger Midea window air conditioner that will cool more square footage. This unit has a remote control and is compatible with Alexa or Google Assistant. By clicking on the above Amazon link, you’ll see over 1400 great reviews. This Midea 12000 BTU U-Shaped design makes it possible to open your window and get fresh air. No noisy annoying sound here. This window A/C unit is 9 times quieter that other traditional units according to the Amazon listing. And no worries about a break-in with the Anti-Theft Mechanism on this Midea unit. This model works great for large areas of about 550 square feet.

If you have a large 700 square foot space to cool this extra large window unit will efficiently do the job. In addition, GE is another manufacturer that I do recommend to my clients. This modern energy efficient window unit has a remote control for easy use. But be aware that you may also use your Smart phone application to set up exactly how you like to use the air conditioner. There’s an Eco-Mode on this unit that will automatically turn off the fan and compressor which will save on utility costs. Since we all like to save money, this is a great feature. The air filter is also washable like the other units. Check that Amazon link and see this unit has 40 four star plus reviews.

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Summer’s Coming! Get that Window A/C Installed Now!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. In conclusion, I would enjoy helping you make your home or apartment a cool, comfortable place to be this summer. Contact me and I will be glad to help you make the correct decision on which window air conditioner to buy. And don’t forget I am your handyman for safe insured installation of that new window air conditioner. I am a NYC licensed, bonded Contractor with loads of liability insurance and great reviews.

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