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Caulking is often one of the most overlooked parts of keeping a home tidy. If you need caulking done in your bathroom or kitchen, we can get it done for you! Your bathroom can be a breeding ground for a lot of nasty stuff if you don’t take care of it. Caulking is one way to make sure that your bathroom stays clean!

Caulk is a material that acts as both glue and a sealant. In your bathroom, it typically goes around sinks and faucets, the top and bottom of the tub where it meets the tiles/floor, and where the tiles meet the ceiling, among other places. It’s useful for keeping moisture from accumulating and damaging walls, floors, and appliances. It’s also great for keeping roaches from freely coming in and out of your bathroom!

Unfortunately, it can be easy to forget that you have to maintain it and make sure it’s still working well. Not only that, but there are different types of caulk as well. You’d have to get the right kind for the right application. If your caulk is older than five years, cracked, broken, or moldy, then it’s time to get it replaced!

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dirty old caulking in a bathtub


Sometimes it can be hard to even realize just how important it is to replace old caulk. For example, old caulk can potentially absorb odors. It can be the cause of strange smells that never seem to go away no matter how hard you clean! Caulking also helps stop the growth of harmful bacteria that can get in your eyes or mouth when you shower.

Similarly, it also helps stop the growth of mold that could also be harmful to you if allowed to flourish. Finally, when caulk gets too old or worn out, it can start letting water into places where it shouldn’t be. Water can start to get inside your walls and damage anything that’s behind or under your tiles and bathtub. If the water starts getting to drywall, for example, that could result in some expensive repairs in the future.

So, you can see there’s a lot of downsides to leaving your old caulk in. It’s gross, could potentially get you sick, and could lead to actual property damage and injury. Contact us and we can get you fresh caulk applied in your kitchen or bathroom no problem!


There are a lot of different kinds of caulk, with each one having different properties and intended uses. For example, painter’s caulk could be used to cover small holes and cracks and then be painted over. That one is meant for interior use only. On the other hand, vinyl latex caulk is tougher and is good for outdoor use. There’s also caulks that have the same application—acting as sealants—but come in varying strengths.

All these different kinds of caulk have different uses, which can be applied to all kinds of situations in any given home. It could be difficult, time-consuming, and frustrating trying to work out all the differences yourself. Things could go very wrong in the future if you end up using the wrong type of caulk!

For those reasons, it might be best to hire professionals like us to get it done for you. We’ll know what would be best for your situation, and can apply it perfectly for you. So if you would like your caulk addressed as soon as possible, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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