Baby Proofing by Handy Dan

Handy Dan of NYC and Family

Baby proofing by Handy Dan of NYC makes your life less stressful. Of course you want to keep your kids, grandkids, clients kids safe and secure. The Handy Dan of NYC expertly takes this job off your hands. NYC homes are quite dangerous to curious children. With this in mind, let’s begin with the bare necessities like plug covers, power strip covers, drawer and cabinet locks and window gates.

Yep, those are just the basic must haves. These inexpensive plug covers actually have little easy to use handles. In addition, no more breaking nails and wasting time trying to just plug in something. These great covers are easy to remove and plug in. So, gone are the worries that the baby or child will put something in a receptical and suffer a terrible shock.

Outlet covers like this completly cover the outlet and cover different sizes of adapters and plugs. And not to mention that large power strip. See a great power strip cover right here. Let’s move on to the kitchen.

To point out that kitchens are full of potential dangers isn’t necessary. All those cabinets are full of items that can poison a child very quickly. Here’s your answer to a safer kitchen. This cabinet lock easily opens by an adult. A child can not open it. Just slip them on and those hazardous items are safely locked away from curious kids.

Window Gates/Safety Bars Are A Must In NYC

No matter what part of NYC you live in-Brooklyn, The Bronx, Manhattan, Harlem, Midtown-your windows need window gates or bars to keep children from falling out the window. The Handy Dan has installed lots of window gates or safety bars. Here’s a fantastic example of window security bars: Fairy Baby Child Window Guards-Security Bars. This gurard is tension mounted. But this window guard is actually attached. Talk it over with the Handy Dan to decide the type of window bars that are right for you and your family. Now don’t forget these window safety gates are perfect to keep all your pet safe and sound too.

The Handy Dan is a fully licensed and insured NYC Contractor

No More Falling Over Furniture

When you ckeck The Handy Dan reviews on Instagram, you’ll see he has put together lots of furniture. He’s your guy who expertly attaches all your bookshelves, TV stands and heavy furniture to the wall. No one wants a large screen TV or heavy bookshelf falling on a toddler or pet. So never forget to add secure furniture to walls to your list of baby proofing. Thousands of these Anti -Tip furniture Anchors have sold. Dan’s your guy to install these anchors and safeguard your family from injuries.

Baby Gates are Great!

This best seller is a must for most growing families. It is the Mom’s Choice Award Winner Auto Close Baby Gate. Keep kids and pets safe from harm with this gate with great reviews. The Handy Dan installs this gate and gives your family peace of mind. Most parents install these gates at their stairs. But they are used anywhere needed. Buy a few and take them with you wihen you visit or travel.

Blocking off a large area is easy with Toddleroo by North States Superyard 6 Panel Baby Play Yard/Barrier & Wall . Homes that have an open floor plan use this wonderful 6 panel gate. The Handy Dan attaches this barrier to your wall and your child will be safe in your secured area. Six thousand four and a half star ratings insure you’ll be happy with this purchase.

Great Reviews and More

Another key point is The Handy Dan has great reviews. Dan, the Handy Dan of NYC installs all these baby proofing products for you. Dan brings many years of experience and his own tools. But best of all Dan brings twice the required NYC insurance. Don’t be fooled by other handyman’s low-ball estimates. You will positively regret hiring that uninsured handyguy when there is an accident in your home. Dan is a fully licensed NYC Contractor. He is insured and bonded. Don’t worry about a thing. Enjoy your free time while Dan does the long list of honey-do’s for you. Contact The Handy Dan and set up a time to baby proof your home. You will be happy and more relaxed too!

The Handy Dan installs custom aluminum window screens and window safety bars.