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Please help me buy the quietest window air conditioner I can find. Well you’ve come to the right place. I’m Dan, The Handy Dan. I am your highly rated, bonded, insured, NYC licensed Contractor/ Handyman. I’ve helped lots of clients locate and install a new air conditioner in many New York City areas. With this in mind, just sit back and relax, because I’ve already done all the research for you. In addition some of my clients have actually called me a window A/C installation expert. So, check out my great reviews here.

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Don’t Just Buy Any Window Unit-Read this First

DON”T JUST BUY ANY WINDOW UNIT! NO NO NO because some are so loud you won’t be able to sleep, have a conversation with someone or even hear your television or music. Moreover, some older units have the same decibel level as a vacuum cleaner! So, buyer beware.

Engineers Understand How to Create a Quiet A/C Unit

Yep Engineers have come up with a list for creating a quiet window A/C unit. I’ll give you the highlights. First make sure the air conditioner has an inverter compressor. This regulates the motor speed to adjust to the room’s temperature. These types are usually quieter too. Of course, make sure the air conditioner is well balanced so there’s less vibrations which causes noise. Last but not least, be sure to purchase an energy efficient model. These can save you up to $100 a season in electricity costs. Why unnecessarily waste money? The energy efficiency of window AC units is expressed as EER rating (Energy-Efficiency Ratio). A high EER rating will save you electricity and money. There are plenty of 10+ EER window air conditioners that run very quietly. See my great picks below.

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How to Choose the Best/Quieter Window A/C

2 DIY Measures That Additionally Lower Noise Levels

You can do two things to minimize the noise levels of window air conditioners: Choose a larger BTU capacity window AC and run it at a lower speed. Lower speed equals less noise. And second use some insulation foam to put around the unit to lessen the noise vibrations.

Always buy the most powerful unit you can afford. Because buying a too small window AC will shorten the lifespan of the A/C. Therefore, it will have to run on high all the time. Don’t forget, running a unit on high creates the most noise and will result in a higher electric bill.

Brands like Midea, TOSOT, Haier, and Frigidaire make the most reliable units. The Midea U Smart Inverter A/C unit has over 15000 great reviews. You can actually open your window with this amazing unit. So if you love letting in that cool, fresh air you can do that with this A/C unit. It is also rated very quiet with only 42dbs. Of course it has a remote control/timer/fan options too.

In conclusion, do away with stress and contact me here. I will help you select the quietest window air condition and of course install it for you. Oh yeah! I also make custom air conditioner covers!!


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