Less Noise, Light = Better Sleep

We love living in NYC. We love people and great places to go. New Yorkers work hard and definitely need quality sleep. Sleep is the key to good health and productivity. But living here sometimes results in getting a good night’s sleep a challenge. It could be the street or building/neighbor noise. Maybe you’re too hot or too cold. It could be light from outside that keeps you from falling asleep. I’m The Handy Dan and I have learned that less noise, light =better sleep. I have great affordable ideas that will improve your sleep, make you more productive and just overall improve your wellbeing. Yep, less noise, light = better sleep. Just keep reading your way to better sleep.

The Handy Dan installs blackout curtains
The Handy Dan installs blinds and shades
Blinds to cover French doors? No problem for me!

Steps to Better Sleep

Reduce Bad Sounds/Add Relaxing Sounds

Yep, just by reducing those bad annoying sounds your sleep will improve. First a very cheap way is to use earplugs. You can kill two birds with this earplug/sleep mask combination. These inexpensive foam ear plugs are highly rated and probably the most used sleep ear plugs. They are light weight and form to your ear canal size. You’ll get 100 pairs and three eye masks for less than $15!

Eye masks are used by shift workers for sure. But what if that street light or moon light makes your bedroom just not dark enough? Lots of people swear that room darkening eye mask are a great solution to a light filled bedroom. But wait, Handy Dan also hangs lots of room darkening shades, blinds and curtains. I have over 100 five star reviews with many clients over the moon happy to have a dark place to sleep after I cover those light filled windows. Check here for beautiful, fabric thermal insulated, blackout curtains that have over 47,000 great reviews and 28 different colors to chose from. These best selling curtains will make that too hot or too cold bedroom just right for sleeping.

Check out my Instagram for lots of pictures of curtains I have hung in all kinds of walls. It’s no problem for me, The Handy Dan. I will bring all the needed tools and experience. But the most important thing I will bring is my insurance. I carry twice the required insurance. Of course I am a bonded, licensed NYC Contractor. You can see all my credentials here.

Sound Machine/Sunrise Alarm Clock

With over 7,000 great reviews the Hatch Restore Sound Machine, Sunrise Alarm clock has it all. This great little machine is a personally programed sound machine that has a library of soothing sleep sounds that even include meditations. How about waking up every morning to stress free slowly increasing light and sound? No more loud annoying beeps and loud horrible noises. You’ll be slowly awaken with this devise to happily start your day.

Quiet Fans Help People Sleep Too

I bet you’ve tried running a fan in your bedroom to help you sleep. The breeze feels great because you most likely have to keep the windows closed to reduce noise and light. The hum of the fan creates a kind of white noise to drown out other unwanted noises. So get rid of that old noisy fan that just adds noise. This UlTTY Bladeless Tower Fan with Hepa Filter is the best you can get! It’s highly rated and has all the best features. Of course it’s rated quiet with no blades and an air filter that will keep your home just like you like it.

Maybe a tower fan won’t work for your space. Check out this desk/table top IRIS USA WOOZOO Fan. This little giant has a max range of 46 feet of air. Remote, timer and of course quieter than your old clunker fan.

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Contact The Handy Dan to Improve Your Sleep

In conclusion, these are just a few of the ideas I can help you get a good night’s sleep. Contact me and I’ll be at your place in a jiffy to hang those blackout curtains, blinds or shades. I am also great at almost all your handy needs. Check out my info and contact me here. Thanks for your consideration!

Dan, The Handy Dan