Custom Aluminum Window Screens

Hey New Yorkers, Spring is approaching and I know you’ll want to open your windows. It’s a fact that there is no state law that requires a New York City landlord to supply window screens. Lots of New York area renters and homeowners are living without the many advantages of having screens on your windows. Many homes and apartments have odd shaped windows that require a custom made screen. You can’t just go to the hardware store and buy a ready made screen. You need know how and tools and experience to install custom aluminum window screens correctly. I’m The Handy Dan, your all around New York City Handyman who installs custom window screens for you anytime!

I’m The Handy Dan, and I have loads of experience installing custom window screens. I am a fully insured, bonded handyman who has already helped New Yorkers enjoy the benefits of fresh air in your home. Studies show that fresh air can actually increase your focus. Fresh air will remove flying germs which is more important than ever. Fresh cooler air is a must when you don’t have control over the temperature in your apartment. Too hot? Just open that window and enjoy a comfortable temperature.

The Handy Dan has Construction Management Certificate from Columbia

The Handy Dan Will Install Custom Window Screens

Other reasons to install custom aluminum window screens include protecting your windows from flying balls, dirt, and even animals. Kids playing ball cause broken windows all the time. A screen will add protection and keep the window from shattering. Wind blows dirt and debris right in your home without a screen. And of course, squirrels, racoons, cats, birds and mice would all like to get in your home easily. A screen will help keep out those pesky pests. And never forget a burglar would have to also come through a screen to enter your home.

And of course last but never least the blood sucking mosquitos. They put an end to a good nights sleep. They also carry unwanted disease. Their itchy bites and annoying buzzing turns your home into a very uncomfortable place to be. So to just summarize your home will be a lovely place to be without bugs, rodents, dirt and germs. Contact The Handy Dan to install custom aluminum window screens for you today.

The Handy Dan installs custom aluminum window screens

Why Aluminum?

That’s a great question. Aluminum is the metal of choice for custom window screens. Aluminum never rusts. It resists abrasion and corrosion. The frame won’t sag over time. The frame is also light weight but strong and odorless. Be assured that new aluminum windows are not like old aluminum window that were actually hot or cold to the touch. New aluminum frames are no longer hot or cold when touched. In addition they require no painting upkeep like wood frames require. To point out, custom aluminum window frames are custom fitted to that odd shaped window you have in your home or apartment. Aluminum is easily manipulated during installation.

And most importantly, aluminum is eco-friendly and 100% recyclable. If your aluminum window screen ever needs to be replaced, you will be happy that your choice won’t negatively impact the environment. Last but certainly not least aluminum window frames are more cost effective than other frame choices.

The Handy Dan installs custom aluminum window screens and window safety bars.

Kids and Pets Need Safety Bars

While I am installing your new aluminum window screens don’t forget about safety bars for those windows. The Handy Dan has lots of clients that worry about their kids and pets safety. Another key point is according to the Stanford Children’s Hospital, 2.2 million children aged 14 and under have falls that cause them to be emergency room treated. The safety bars I install for you will make your home a safer place for everyone. I enjoy helping my clients make their New York City home a better place. My clients live in Manhattan, Harlem, Park Slope, The Bronx from studio apartment to stately Brownstone. I will gladly come to you with all the needed tools and materials to do the job quickly and correctly.

Moreover, where ever you are in the New York City area, I will come to your home with twice the required liability insurance, years and years of experience and over 100 five star reviews. Yep, that other handyman may be cheaper, but what if there is an accident and that uninsured handyman sues you? Never take the chance that an accident won’t happen. I am also bonded which brings peace of mind. Check out my Instagram. Or check my site:

Window Screens Improve Your NYC Home

To conclude, adding window screens and window safety bars will make a huge positive improvement to your home. No more sweaty nights because your heating system is just too hot. Open that window and enjoy the cooling air. Enjoy the air circulations and better air quality. Let those germs leave your home. Let those germs leave your home along with potential allergens.

When you are selling your home or even thinking about selling your home make sure to improve your curb appeal with new screens. Potential buyers are turned off by ripped and missing screens. With so many options open to buyers make your home have the best chance of being sold. Replacing old or damaged screens is an inexpensive way to improve your curb appeal and bring in more potential buyers.

Thank You

Until we meet, I wanted to thank you for considering me, The Handy Dan as your all around Handyman. No job is too small. No job too complicated. I look forward to helping you very soon.