New York Window Film Installation

Hello everyone. I am Handy Dan, the New York Window Film Installation Man. I am sure that New Yorkers can benefit by installing window films. You may have never even thought about window films. But do you have a noisy neighbor that can see right into your home? Not to mention the window with curtains that has to be closed for privacy, which makes the room dark and gloomy. Do you have a glare on your tv or computer screen? Not to mention high utility costs? Since lots of people sleep days and work nights those blinds just don’t make your bedroom dark enough. In addition, you should be worried about unhealthy UV rays that cause skin damage and furniture fading? Another key point is if you are a short term renter you need a budget friendly solution to expensive blinds and curtains.

Peeping Toms and Noisy Neighbors-Gone!

Peeping Toms and Noisy Neighbors
Well we all love to have a sun filled home. We need the natural light to feel awake and healthy. But you may look out your Manhattan home and see someone looking back! The solution is a window film that is translucent. So obviously, the warm light comes in but the view is blurred. In other words, no more peeping from Tom.

Dust Catching Blinds and Curtains
Having to keep blinds and curtains clean and dust free just adds to your already full to-do lists.
Window films can just be quickly wiped off. They are not dust and dirt catcher like blinds and curtains.

Day Sleepers Love Black-out Window Films
Night owls, shift workers and people that sleep during the day love the total black-out window films.
However, those curtains and blinds let a little light in. Another point is many people are sensitive to the light and have a hard time sleeping during the day. Of course, Black-out window film is the answer. This film blocks out nearly all light. Your windows may also face a busy street or a very nosy neighbor. Black -out window film improves your space immediately.

New York Window Film Installation can be expertly done by The Handy Dan

New York Window Film Installation Blocks Unhealthy UV Rays

Solar Window Films Block Unhealthy UV Rays
I have a solution to your problem. A regular window pane only filters out 40% of the bad ultra violet rays. Research shows that Solar Window films block out 99% of UV rays. Skin damage results from prolong exposure to UV rays. Solar Window films also protect your furniture from fading caused by the sun rays. Solar window films warm up your home by regulating the indoor temperatures. The same result happens in the summer when the film reduces your indoor temperate.

Sunshine glare on your TV and Computer Screens
Window films reduce glare. Your TV viewing will be clearer by installing window film which reduces screen glare. The same is true for your laptop and desktop computer screens. Window films make those screen easier to read by reducing the light glare from the windows.

Save Money With New York Window Films Installation

Save Money with Window Films
Lots of New Yorkers have double paned windows. By adding a window film to your double paned window, the results in energy savings is the same as having a triple pane window. Don’t buy expensive blinds, curtains and curtain rods. Save money by installing window films. Renters can even take the window film with them when they move when they initially purchase the reusable type of window film.

Windows That Shouldn’t or Couldn’t be Covered with Curtains or Blinds
A great many Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx and Harlem properties have windows in doors, above bathtubs, next to and above doors. These great for light windows are just not suited for curtains or blinds. They let the light in but also let people outside your place see in. The window in your bathroom will become moldy if covered up. To prevent mold and mildew it has to be uncovered for good air circulation. A beautiful window film is the best solution for this problem. I have added window film to bathroom windows for many of my clients. No more mold to clean or prying unwanted eyes while you are in your own bathroom.

Save Time and Eliminate Stress by Hiring The Handy Dan

Save Time and Eliminate Stress by Hiring The Handy Dan
Now you know that window film can make your home or apartment warmer, cooler, more private, cleaner, and healthier. Some New York do-it-yourselfers try to install window film themselves. Why? Let me, The Handy Dan take this job off your hands. I have experience installing window films without leaving bubbles. I have the know-how and tools needed to leave your windows with no wrinkles, air bubbles and curling edges. Some types of window films require installation kits. Don’t go buying tools and kits you will probably never use again. I’ll bring all the necessary tools with me to your New York City home, apartment or business. In conclusion, New Yorkers can benefit by installing window films.

Harlem, Brooklyn, The Bronx, Manhattan, Home, Apartment or Business

Yes, your office could also use window films to alleviate glare and achieve needed privacy in open areas. Your employees will be happier in a space easier to work in.
Landlords why not add the window film to your windows to make your property ready to move in and rent ready? A potential renter will like not having to worry about covering windows in a hurry just so they can move in quickly.

Window Film Choices

So Many Choices in Window Films
Not surprisingly, business owners who install One-Way-Mirror Window Film are adding another type of property protection. Obviously your retail or business space has alarms and cameras. Add One-Way Mirror Window Film so if someone looks in your window, all they see is their reflection but the inside occupants can see that person looking in. At night when the lights are on inside, the occupants can see through the film. To summarize, an intruder will be seen by police, a passerby or security.

Translucent Window film lets in some light and usually has a blurred effect. Some types have colors and designs that make any window beautiful. Email me and we can discuss which type of window film is right for your home or apartment. Remember New Yorkers can benefit by installing window films.

The Handy Dan is ALWAYS Your Best Choice for New York Window Film Installation.

New York Window Film Installation

I have over 100 five star reviews. My experience with New York Window Film Installation shows when I complete your job and you’re happy with the results. Don’t be fooled by those cheaper handyguys. Sure I charge more but in the long run you will be worried less because I’m bonded and I carry twice the required insurance for New York State. What if that cheap uninsured, unbonded handyman gets hurt on your property? Your stress level will increase. Just avoid any added stress by booking me, an insured, bonded, highly rated, experienced handyman.